The Weeknd: Dawn FM (Alternate World) Review

¨Dawn FM¨ Album Cover

¨Dawn FM¨ Album Cover

Shallie Cantero, AME Reporter

Dawn FM (Alternate World)  is the 5th studio album by Canadian singer-songwriter, The Weeknd. The album was released on January 7th, 2022, through XO and Republic Records. It includes narration from Canadian-American actor Jim Carrey and guest features from Tyler the Creator to Lil Wayne. It also features spoken words from music producer/songwriter, Quincy Jones and independent filmmaker, Josh Safdie. The album consists of 19 songs and I will be reviewing for the Top 5. 


#5 The Weeknd – Best Friends (Official Lyric Video)

Starting off with #5, we have Best Friends. This song made its way up to the Top 5 due to the message and the lyrics being pretty relatable especially with this generation’s view on ‘love’ and ‘relationships’. The song revolves around the concept of ‘Friends with Benefits’ and it speaks on The Weeknd experiencing toxic love.

#4 The Weeknd – Less Than Zero (Official Lyric Video)

Next coming in at #4, we have Less Than Zero. The vocals along with the beat of this song are pretty different from the rest and the lyrics surrounded the concept of The Weeknd not being able to commit to a stable relationship and how his last lover tried their best with him but it still didn’t work.

#3 The Weeknd ft. Lil Wayne – I Heard You’re Married (Official Lyric Video)

In third, we have I Heard You’re Married ft. Lil Wayne. The beat of the song is very easy to vibe to which is something I really like. I also really enjoyed how he mixed the concept of a married woman cheating into a pretty well-put-together song. Also, Lil Wayne never disappoints so his part was really good.

#2 The Weeknd – Out Of Time (Official Lyric Video)

Creeping up behind #1, we have Out of Time. Now, this was a really good song, I liked the lyrics, the vocals, the rhythm/beat, it was all just so good. The song focused on The Weeknd being “out of time” and his potential lover falling for someone else. I really liked how relatable this song can be when it comes to people running out of time with a person due to impatience or boredom.

#1 The Weeknd – Take My Breath (Official Lyric Video)

Sitting pretty at #1 we have Take My Breath. To me, this song took a whole different path compared to all the others. It was more on the positive side and it reminded me the most of The Weeknd’s older songs which were all pretty good. The song as a whole is really catchy and the chorus is probably the best in this song out of all the other songs on the album. Also, I love how the beat makes it feel like you’re at a party/rave. 


All in all, I really liked how The Weeknd stuck to the ‘radio FM’ theme with the narration by Jim Carrey. In my opinion, it was overall really creative and I enjoyed the whole execution of the album. However, the songs weren’t really doing it for me. Although this is a Top 5 list, I really only enjoyed about 3 songs. Overall I give this album 5/10 stars.