Emily in Paris Recap/Review


Emily in Paris official poster for second season (Netflix)

Hayley Thompson, AME Reporter

Over students’ winter break, they had a lot of free time to relax and binge watch new shows! Season two of Emily in Paris released on December 22nd, 2021 with 10 brand new episodes, and a sharp twist to the original plot! The idea of it wasn’t original, but it was still good. The sharp twist, however, gets irritating for the people watching.

Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) and Emily (Lily Collins) outside their shared apartment complex in Paris (Netflix)

During season one, the show goes through Emily Cooper’s journey of being an American employee in a French marketing company. 

With the challenge of not being able to speak French, and everyone judging her because she’s an “obnoxious American”, she finds it very difficult to go to work. Not to mention, the entire town is a mystery to her, including her own apartment building. Which is where she meets her very first love interest in Paris, Gabriel, who is absolutely gorgeous.

Throughout the first season, Gabriel and Emily make it clear that they have an undeniable connection. But because of complications with Gabriel’s love life, they never follow through with anything.

That soon changes when she finds out that he is officially single, and moving away. They share one special night, and that’s where the first season ends. 

With that unpredicted ending, fans were ecstatic about season two! But it didn’t bring the happily ever after everyone predicted. 

Alfie (Lucian Laviscount) and Emily (Lily Collins) having a light conversation before their French class (Netflix)

Instead, the directors went for the “love triangle troupe” and introduced fans to another drop dead gorgeous man named Alfred or “Alfie”, while keeping Gabriel in Paris as well. Alfie is very charming in the show, and people were immediately swept off their feet. How could they not? It just makes it hard for people to choose a side when both sides would be great. Fans were very intrigued with who Emily would choose? The whole second season was filled with Emily stuck between deciding to destroy a friendship for love, or stay unproblematic with someone who’s equally as charming.

And of course, Emily realizes who she really wants at the very end, when it is already too late. 

Obviously, the season is going to end with another cliffhanger and the rising question of what the third season will bring. Will Emily stay in Paris, or will she go back to Chicago?

Besides the show’s great story line! There was a tiny bit of controversy between Ukraines culture minister and the portrayal of the character Kyiv. He complained to Netflix that the caricature image of a Ukrainian woman was completely unacceptable. 

After people heard this complaint, many fans were worried if Netflix would renew the show for another season and to their surprise, the complicated life of Emily in Paris, will continue on screen for another two seasons!

Overall, Emily in Paris is by far one of the best romance shows on Netflix. It 100% deserves 5/5 stars. If you are interested in the romance side of Paris for an American girl, then this is the show for you.