Opinion: Valentine’s Day


Elijah Brown, Opinion Reporter

     Valentine’s Day is the day when lovers get to express their love typically through gifts. Many people have different feelings on the day of sharing love and affection through money. People in relationships may love the day, while one’s who are not, feel as if it may be unnecessary. Personally, Valentine’s Day is a great day, well at least this year it will be for me. Previous years of not having a significant other made me feel as if it was just any other typical day.

     “Valentine’s day is one of my favorite times of the year because it feels good to have a mutual buying of gifts and show of affection between my significant other and I at the same time,” said Senior Denejah High. 

A picture of a gift I received on Valentine’s Day.

     When you have a significant other the day can be very special. Knowing that you’re most likely about to receive something as you’re also going to give them something that you think you’ll like makes the moment special. Other times when you’re in a financial crisis, the day may not be in your favor if you planned on spending money on another. Money cannot buy love, but in this case it’s just different and special in many ways. 

     This day of the year isn’t always not favored by single people. Some single people may actually like the day and feel relieved that they don’t have the feeling of needing to get someone something. Many people even in relationships manage to make themselves single just before Valentine’s Day comes just so they don’t have to worry about buying anyone anything. I don’t mind buying my significant other anything, as I feel the reason for doing so is cute knowing that my love is not shown by money.

     Whether you are one of the single’s or not, enjoy this lovely day. Go give your significant other some flowers and chocolate and cherish the moment. If you plan other than that, make sure whatever you do on this day is out of love!