Super Bowl Opinion


Avery Salas, Sports Editor

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest and well known sports games each year. Looking back at the years I would say the best Super Bowl would be the 2016 Super Bowl. I think it had some of the best commercials along with a half time show. Along with the fact that the players were playing good football.  This game took both of the top quarterbacks of that year and put them head to head making the defense work. This year Super Bowl 56 was held at SoFi Stadium in California having their home team the LA Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals. 

The Rams came in hungry for their first Super Bowl win in over 20 years by scoring two touchdowns early. They put up some big numbers on the scoreboard but the Bengals did not come out with that same fire, they had one field goal the whole first quarter. When the second Quarter started though the Bengals woke up putting 7 points onto the board. After halftime they kept going play for play ending the third quarter with the Rams up. It was looking good for the Rams but the Bengals started a fight for their lives. Making it come down to one single play for both teams. The Rams needed a sack or interception to ensure that they would become Super Bowl champions. The Bengals needed one touchdown and they had the win. The final snap was made and Rams defensive end Aaron Donald came in with a tackle ensuring that they would become Super Bowl champions. Even though Aaron Donald did not leave with the MVP trophy, the all-time defensive great finally got himself a ring. 

Like I said though for some people it’s not all about football. Another one of the main features is the commercials; every major company sends in their most interactive, funny, or weirdest commercials in hopes that it will bring up huge talk and business. It has ranged from dragons to Greek to bringing in the intensity of new cars. One of the commercials that stood out was the Coinbase QR Code. Not only did it resemble the bouncing DVD logo but so many people scanned the code resulting in their main website crashing. Many famous singers also partnered up with phone companies to debut their new songs and promote their company. Universal also released their trailer for their new movie Jurassic World Domination , this movie is bringing back Chris Pratt as the raptor trainer along with many of the actors from Jurassic Park.  Overall the commercials seemed a little bit lacking compared to years before where we had commercials like Bud Light Legends or something catch like the Mountain Dew commercial Puppy Monkey Baby.  

Some people watch this for the commercials but most tune in just to watch the halftime show. This year’s performers were Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Snoop Dogg and Mary J. Blige. Which was one of the top half time shows in a while. They brought the 90’s rap back into the nation and showed how their music is still very much alive. Dr. Dre definitely stood out being a California artist and added attention to west coast rap. Snoop Dog then tied in with their throwback family reunion No.1 hit “California love.” That wasn’t all though, tying into their performance was Kendrick Lamar who stood out with his single “Alright.” Lets not forget though with all this testosterone flowing Mary J. Blige obviously stood out not only with her silver sparkly outfit but also her performances of hits “Family Affair” and “ No More Drama.” Each of these songs all paid tribute to Dr. Dre with him helping write the song or he duetted it; he had ties to each and every artist and song. 

Super Bowl 56 definitely had its major moments like the Rams and Bengals battling it out and leaving us to wonder who is going to win. Along with the top notch performances that made this year’s Super Bowl definitely a part of the top ten.