School starts with a heat wave

Angel Langifisi

Vivien Grable & Saron Mentesinot, Staff Reporters

After just one day of school, Rangeview was forced into asynchronous learning in its opening week of school due to extreme temperatures outside and cooling malfunctions inside. The highly anticipated color dance was postponed a long with Back to School Night.
Rangeview students and staff learned of the unexpected cancellation well after dinner time on August 10th. Due to a malfunction in our A/C students went remote for the remainder of the week, but it wasn’t too big of an adjustment  because students were in a similar situation not too long ago with the Covid quarantine.
With the transition back to asynchronous many students and staff had some very strong opinions. Ms. Westerdale (social studies teacher) feels moving to asynchronous learning last week was a good decision, “Because Wednesday felt like a sauna.”
But others had some interesting things to say about this issue.  Junior Mary Sekibo said, “I find it weird they care so suddenly I remember last year in my other classes it felt deathly hot but now the A/C is broken and they shut it all down. I remember the lights were broken, the water fountains were broken, the pipes were broken, and this is what brings us online, they’re definitely hiding something.”
The issue could lead to a problematic school year, but things already starting to look up when school reopened on Monday on August 15, Back to School Night went down without a hitch on August 17th, and the Color Dance has been rescheduled for Friday, August 26.