Andrew Tate – Misogynist or Hero?


Paula Villalon, Opinion Reporter

Andrew Tate has been a huge rise in topic as of recently, and has specifically stirred some controversy with teens and young adults. Andrew Tate is an American-British internet influencer that has a background in kickboxing. 

He is 35 years old, and was born in Chicago. He’s starred on the hit reality show called Big Brother UK, where he was removed because of a video of him allegedly attacking a woman. He is also known for the controversy between whether he is a misogynist, and a good role model to young men. 

His messages have even reached out to the students and teachers of Rangeview High School. The public has different opinions on him, primarily not in his favor.

Courtney Wake, a teacher, said ¨I am very offended by any and every single video he posts. Our generation has worked way too hard and gotten way too much progress to allow ideas and opinions like his. He says women can’t make decisions.¨ Everything she says is an opinion almost everyone should have of him. 


Other individuals at Rangeview disagree with this take, and view him as a good person.

¨He is just trying to bring masculinity back in men. Females are just upset because they are, well… females. They would rather just have guys serve them, not to mention he is a pretty wholesome guy. I heard he even ran a dog shelter, people only choose to see the bad in him.” said by an anonymous person. 

A huge argument people have is that he is building and bringing awareness towards men’s mental health, yet he has gone and tweeted on social media that depression isn’t real. How can someone who says they are advocating for mental health refuse to acknowledge that depression isn’t real. “Depression isn’t real. You feel sad, you move on. You will always be depressed if your life is depressing. Change it. Thread.” You can no longer find the original tweet on twitter, just photos. However, you can find it on this tweets thread. 

The fact that some people are allowing this to be acceptable and allowing him to keep being sexist and misogynistic just because he has done a few good things is insane. Yes it is amazing he is helping building shelters and being a strong supporter for mens mental health. I won’t deny the fact that he has done good, but it doesn’t erase all the horrible and sexist things he has said. He shouldn’t have to build up men and their mental health if it requires tearing down women and the things they stand for. 

But as I said, most opinions on him are negative. Two students at Rangeview stated things like,  ¨He should be in jail¨. Another called him “ignorant”… But of course, not all opinions are as black and white. 

Some people at the school have mixed emotions and don’t really know where to stand,  ¨It depends as there are a lot of different versions of him. It really depends on where you see him, like on podcasts talking about business or men’s mental health.¨ said Brian Hawley, a campus monitor. 

There are also students like Jahiem Alexander, an 11th grader that state “He’s definitely  a crazy man, but sometimes when he does get out of that egotistical mode he gets in, sometimes I do relate to things he says like ‘Women are the most precious things’ and stuff like that. But when he is saying women can’t do this and that, it’s just something I don’t agree with and you know flexing all his money and stuff that’s something I don’t agree with either. Sometimes he is a really genuine person, but other times he’s just really not that smart. I would say it’s like a 50/50 with Andrew Tate so yeah.” 

I will say that it’s very important to always look at both sides of things and make sure your opinion isn’t always being one sided. But with that being said it’s also very important to not forget the bad being said just because all you are seeing is good, same can go for the other way around. It is always very important to see both sides of the story and not make your decision on someone until you see what the other half has to say. 

With all of this surfacing and controversy going around, multiple social platforms joined together to ban Andrew Tate. With this news rising there has been a lot of discussion deciding on whether or not he deserved this. 

Some stated he deserved his social media being banned like Wake who said “He doesn’t deserve a social platform as he’s teaching the next generation that sexism is okay. Especially after having worked so hard for my generation to help get rid of it.” 

While most state he should have gotten banned due to the fact that everyone should be able to state their opinions and be heard in the U.S. even if they don’t agree with him. 

Some who believe that he is a good person even stated, “He didn’t deserve to get banned, he’s just trying to help people…. He’s just trying to show others what a man is, they are only choosing to look at the negative.” 

As much as I personally don’t agree with him I must say that everyone is entitled to have a public voice, it is only when that voice is bringing harm to others and truly affecting their lives. With that being said, do I personally believe that Andrew Tate should have been banned from all social media platforms, no I do not. But do I believe he should have a huge platform and all the fame he is getting, also no. 

Andrew Tate talks about looking down on women and how women belong to men when they decide to get into a relationship with them. Then men use the argument that there are tons of women role models out there that say men are the worst, or that we shouldn’t have men in our world. Now I will say that what they are saying isn’t right, but by trying to fight by using the same logic wouldn’t make you any better than them. 

Andrew Tate could have been a good role model for men out there if only he didn’t use subtle sexism to make what he was saying okay and relatable for all the men out there. Despite being banned on almost all social media accounts he has recently posted on TikTok encouraging fans to go visit him while he’s in Croatia. If he is being banned, why is it that he is still posting onTikTok and claiming that he has a whole new social media account on platforms. 

Women’s goals aren’t for men to serve them but to finally see and treat them as equal. Instead of this, Andrew Tate highlights women as the monsters and nothing but just property. There are men that claim that there are a lot of toxic female influencers, making it okay for Andrew Tate to do what he does. That’s not completely wrong, I won’t sit here and try to lie and say that all women are right and that there is no such thing as a toxic female influencer. But to sit here and say that Andrew Tate can do the same is just wrong, one of the first things we learn in elementary school is that two wrongs don’t make a right. That is exactly what Andrew Tate is trying to do.