Scheduling Snafu Pushes Homecoming Back


Saron Mentesinot, News Reporter

In a shocking development, Rangeview High School’s homecoming is pushed back a week due to miscommunication with Boulder high school’s athletic program. Homecoming will now begin a week later on September 22 instead of the originally planned September 16.

Fortunately for Raiders everywhere, our football staff along with new athletic director Erick Swanson discovered the error, realizing that Boulder did not have the Raiders on their football schedule.  In fact, the Panthers were set to hold their homecoming game September 22.

Without a game for the homecoming dance, the decision was made to move the whole week. Now the new homecoming week starts off with a Tailgate on September 22 and closes on October 1, with the annual dance. 

This arrangement also allows Rangeview to play a home game against Legacy High School on Thursday the 29th instead of the traditional Friday.  The Lightning present a more difficult challenge than Boulder on the gridiron, with the Raiders going from 19-point favorites to 15-point underdogs according to Blackhawk sports. 

“It stinks losing a game from our schedule, but we’ll be more than ready with the extra week to prepare for Legacy,” said assistant coach Joe Eck.

Besides the dance,  all homecoming activities were moved including the prep rally, all the dress up days, and the grand assumably. 

These schedule changes caused a lot of students at Rangeview to have a wide mix of emotions and opinions. Many students expressed their relief with the delay since they now have an extra week to prepare.

“Honestly, it didn’t feel like much of a difference for most clubs and activities, but for Poms it didn’t matter because it gives us more time to perfect our dances,” said senior Pom Kayla Chea.

Meanwhile a handful of our students are feeling the inconvenience because the game and dance crossed-scheduled with their jobs or other responsibilities resulting in them being unable to attend either the dance or the game now because of work.

  With all that said, it still appears Rangeview students and staff are looking forward to all the activities planned for Homecoming week.