Color Dance Controversy (Once Again)


Students celebrating the Color Dance. (Courtesy of Rangeview Yearbook)

Myles Chapman, Opinion Editor

Rangeview High School’s annual color dance was held on Friday, August 26th, 2022. There have been several scheduling controversies with the dance since the school year started. 

The dance was first scheduled on August 12th, 2022 then it was rescheduled for August 26th due to the school’s chillers being down.  

Another controversy was the schedule overlapping. The dance was scheduled the same time as the football game and this caused many problems. This was the same way the Color dance was scheduled last year. Rangeview played rival Vista Peak at 6:30pm while the color dance started at 7:00pm.  

“I think the color dance is a really great opportunity for us to do something fun, to start off the beginning of the year. I wish it would have been at the original time, so there would not be two events at the same time, but I’m just glad it’s still on” said junior Jeanae Ellis.

Football players and Cheerleaders were also not fully able to attend the dance and experience it as well as Rangeview students who were going to the game. 

“I am kind of mad they rescheduled it to the same day as the football game, because I am a cheerleader, but the color dances are always fun” said senior Jessica Rauch. 

Student leadership is responsible for planning and coordinating the dates for the dance. Student body president, Kristabelle Dutton, explains “the color dance got moved because there was kind of a quick turn-around with the school year starting right away and it was two days away [from the first day of school], and then obviously the AC broke, so we weren’t in school for Thursday and Friday. [Then], Mrs. Strouse and Mr.Sabri decided we can’t have a color dance if we don’t give students enough time to buy tickets. So they moved the date, and the next week already had something planned on it, so then they moved it to the 26th, even though there was a football game, they decided it was the best option because they did not want to move it into September.”

Students celebrating the Color Dance. (Courtesy of Rangeview Yearbook)

Nonetheless, the color dance remains one of the best dances that Rangeview holds. Despite all of the scheduling problems that come with the dance it is a groundbreaking dance that brings the Rangeview student body together.