Raider Realm – Rad or Bad?


Pictures of students and staff during Raider Realm day. (From Rangeview Website)

Paula Villalon, Opinion Reporter

Raider Realm, a day where all Rangeview students were invited to have a fun day. Upperclassmen were told to try to set a good example for the Freshmen students. RHS was also told that the purpose of it would be for all of us to become a better community

Overall the day wasn’t very well organized and the activities planned weren’t all that. Not to mention that the meetings just told us upperclassmen everything we already knew, and have been told repeatedly in previous years. 

Now, maybe I didn’t have a good experience due to the teacher or the class I was with–not that there was anything wrong with them. But to confirm I wasn’t the only one feeling like this, I went ahead and interviewed some students and staff here at RHS. 

There were a decent amount of students who felt the exact same way. An anonymous student stated, “I honestly thought it was a bit over hyped. It felt rushed and the activities could’ve overall been longer.” Others stated that it was flat out boring–the only fun part about the whole thing was the games and the guest speaker.

Some of the upperclassmen felt that it was all very repetitive, especially with the team meetings. Shayla Tressider and Jess Scarlett didn’t stay for the whole thing but from what they experienced they agreed that  “It should’ve been a thing for underclassmen. It felt more like a lecture.” 

Now not everyone has a bad or good experience, but felt very neutral about the whole thing. D’Hani Fleming even stated “It was okay. I mean the events were pretty boring. It was just too uneventful. But the guest speaker was pretty cool.”

When asking students if they personally had a fun experience Fleming stated, “During the beginning yeah, but once we went outside with our teams I didn’t have much fun.” 

Pictures of students and staff during Raider Realm day. (From Rangeview Website)

Another thing confused me about Raider Realm. When we weretold we were gonna have different teams and all be mixed in with different grade levels, they had me think we would actually be doing things with them. But to my surprise, we stayed with our own classes for almost the entire day. I thought we would have played the activities with at least one other class, but most of us were with the people we are always with, day to day.

Some students have said that they actually quite enjoyed it. They got a calm day off with no school, and got to hang out a little more with their friends.  Mikaliah Williams stated, “Yeah it was cool, they got a guest speaker and all which was nice. And having us play games and stuff. I didn’t have fun but it was definitely better than a regular school day.”

A lot of staff had only really positive things to say about it, Campus Monitor Kirk Robbins stated, “It brought a sense of community in Rangeview. It’s like we have 2,400 kids who really don’t know each other, and all of a sudden have a family for all those kids. It was cool.”

Now even if I personally didn’t like the event and didn’t really think it made any sense, it doesn’t change the fact that a lot of staff members put time and money into making it happen. Now overall, it wasn’t too thrilling of an event. But I would like to see Rangeview do it again, just with better games and way better organization. 

This year’s Raider Realm was pretty bad, but hopefully Rangeview takes this into consideration and improves it for the future years to come. We would like future students to be able to have this, for them to be  excited and fully enjoy it when a Raider Realm day comes.