Top Five Halloween Decoration Themes

Top Five Halloween Decoration Themes

Michelle De La Torre, A&E Reporter

Wicked witches or creepy clowns? This might or might not be one of the questions you ask yourself when decorating your home for halloween.Overall I think we can all agree that we’ve seen a fair share of creepy and cool as well as disastrous halloween decorated houses. So here are the top five themes to decorate your house this halloween.

#5 Witches tower

Starting with #5 We have a witches tower. Many interpretations of this theme change between a huddle of witches or many aspects of halloween, like spiders, pumpkins and all of the creepy crawly things you expect of the holiday with a singular witch taking the spotlight. Unfortunately because of the many things displayed the theme itself gets drowned out, but nonetheless gives you all the spooky vibes.


#4 Graveyard

Coming at #4 is graveyards. This can be a very easy theme for anyone to manipulate considering the base is a simple yard with some gravestones and skeletons. No one can deny that ominous feeling everyone gets when passing a cemetery, giving this theme a simply chilling  spot at number four.

#3 Nightmare before Christmas 

Not a fan of walking through  terrorizing houses while trying to get candy? Then the nightmare before Christmas decorations are just for you. Around the yard you’ll be encapsulated by fun colors and scattered characters.  With cute halloween characters this can bring fun comfort for children as well as well needed nostalgia for adults leading this theme for an even spot at #3. 

#2 Clowns

Trailing behind #1 is creepy clowns. Although many might’ve thought this to be a number one choice some are simply too terrified to walkthrough these crazy houses. Good news is that if you aren’t traumatized by clowns, this theme gives a sense of good gone wrong and what’s a more familiar good memory than clowns at a circus.


#1 Zombies

Sitting at number #1 is the all loving, always changing zombies. Many are OBSESSED  with shows that include zombies, one of the most popular being “The Walking Dead.” This is a very fun theme giving you the range of opportunity to prop these zombies as yourself, family and maybe even people you wish would just turn into zombies.


So now you know whenever you’re debating on what theme to decorate your house, what fears, phobias and nostalgia you want your house to bring to the tricker-or-treaters on halloween night.