Favorite Halloween Candy 2022

A variety of different candies people will expect Halloween night.

A variety of different candies people will expect Halloween night.

Nataly Leon, Opinion Reporter

The best thing about Halloween is the candy/chocolate. It is the day people can go into a sugar rush and get candy that will last for weeks unless it is eaten within the night. There are so many different types of candy, and it is hard to choose which type is the best, but everyone has their preferences on which is the best.

The first thing that needs to be decided is which is better: gummies or chocolate? 

Depending on the day, both of the choices are amazing, but whenever a sweet is needed, chocolate is the way to go. Although there are several gummy flavors, chocolate goes with everything. Cake, Pretzels, Fruit, Milk, (Reese’s even made a peanut butter cup with potato chips in it.) Even chocolate itself tastes amazing. Some people may say it is too sweet, but chocolate comes in different scales of the sweetness, whenever you don’t want something sweet there is dark chocolate.

A random poll was conducted determining which is the best hHalloween candy for the students of Rangeview High School. 

Coming in at number 5: Twix

This is a chocolate-covered crunch with a caramel surprise. It had the fifth most votes for the best Halloween candy. This option is good and simple, but sometimes Twix just doesn’t taste that good. It’s in its well deserved spot of fifth place. Most people wouldn’t be too disappointed if they received a Twix in their bag.

#4: Snickers

Snickers are the perfect combination of peanuts, chocolate, and crunch. This treat is always a favorite whenever someone is craving chocolate. The ad that always comes to mind perfectly describes how Snickers taste and how they make you feel. This ad comes with so much nostalgia. It has two people, one person is hangry (hungry and angry) while the other person has a Snicker and gives it to the other person so then that person is no longer angry. This describes when eating a Snicker it just brings people joy and deliciousness.

Coming down to the final three, third place is Reese’s, specifically the peanut butter cups.

This is an-all time favorite. It is different from the original chocolates that have caramel or a crunch. Reese’s combines two of the best things and makes it into one cup. Although the majority of people thought this Halloween candy came into third place, this chocolate should 100% go higher up in the scale. It is a clean candy which is contained in one place rather than a chocolate bar which people are unable to preserve.

#2: Candy Corn

This may come as a surprise to people and while this may be one of the most controversial Halloween candies, Candy Corn is Rangeview’s second favorite candy. There is not too much to say about candy corn. People either like it or they think it tastes like wax. It’s a nostalgic piece of Halloween candy that everyone has heard of.

 And the winner is… KitKat!

KitKat’s are easily accessible chocolates where you can easily break off a piece to enjoy a delicious crunch of the wafer. The chocolate is both rich and creamy and while it may get melted after all the trick or treating the KitKat will still taste amazing. This is a deserving place as many people can’t not like KitKat’s.

Whether you celebrate Halloween or not. All these candies or chocolates are amazing to be able to enjoy on a sad evening or as a snack.