Will Electric Cars Power The Future?

The Exterior of a Tesla, which is a very popular electric car

The Exterior of a Tesla, which is a very popular electric car

Paula Villalon, Opinion Reporter

As years go by and technology develops, we have manufactured electric cars. These cars are not powered by gas, but actually use rechargeable ion batteries. As the making of electric cars rises, so does the want for them. Now like with most things, there has been some discussion regarding whether electric cars are actually good or not. Some argue that they are better for the environment, while others argue that they are worse for the environment. 

With the rise of these cars there has also come a change. Some have begun saying that we should expect most cars to be electric by 2030 to 2035. This idea was brought up by our current president Joe Biden, who has made it a target and goal for the environment  on which the US rests.

Now, do I believe that this will be possible? No, I don’t. The thing with electric cars is that they aren’t all that bad, but to say that most cars will be electric by 2030-2035 doesn’t seem like an achievable time frame, things like this take time to produce and plan It’s a nice goal, and I like the idea of it helping the environment; I just don’t see how it’s possible yet. With this said, I wanted to see if others knew about this news and see exactly what they thought about it. 

Lot’s of the responses came out positive and was  supporting the idea of electric cars being a positive step for our ecosystem. . 

Heidi Ammons (Media Specialist) stated, “Environmentally it’s a great step. And I think that sometimes we need to be forced into these decisions because we are just so status quo. And so I think being regulated to say by a certain year all cars have to be electric. I am actually all for it; anything we can do to save our little planet here.”

The interior of a Tesla

Denise Prane (11th grade) also agreed saying, “It makes me feel happy, because this would mean less pollution.” Some have stated that it’s good, they’re just a little unsure. An example of this is how student Jordan Wright said, “It makes me feel good. I mean it’s ambitious but it’s good.”

While in a way many think this is a good idea and a good step towards the environment others have had a few concerns. 

Rangeview Teacher, Davin Navarre stated “That would be great as long as they made sure everyone had access not only to electric vehicles but access to charging for electric vehicles. Right, and consistent access because I own a condo and I’m not anywhere near a plug, so that wouldn’t be very sustainable for me or the others. And I know a few friends that own Tesla’s and there have been issues where they want to go somewhere, but the car isn’t charged; they forgot to plug it in. So there would have to be a way to like address this situation. Like the access that people have, not only to affordability but also to charging. Maybe some portable chargers or other options. So before we could get there they would need to hopefully address that.” 

Micheal Maxwell McGinnis (11th grade) also agreed stating “I think it would be better for the economy but only for a bit because it’s gonna get really expensive and batteries are gonna cost a lot more. So it’s just not gonna be as efficient.” 

Now all cars becoming electric is an overall amazing idea. I hope to see it and how it is going to overall affect the environment and world. But before we just throw this idea out there, we should all hope they fix the problems and issues people have been pointing out. This will be a great idea as long as we make sure it’s done correctly and affordably, but also making sure that everyones worries about it being worse for the environment isn’t true statistically and it will help long term.