Fall Recap 2022


PC: Avery Salas

Avery Salas, Editor-In-Chief

One point to win as Senior Malia Schara puts up a 1. PC: Avery Salas

The Lady Raiders started the start of their season with a new fire and spirit, completely shifting the start from last season. With a 5 game winning streak, the Raiders had one tough fight against Overland High School. Both teams came in strong throughout the whole game, with both the second and third sets coming down to an intense two point win.During the final set, Rangeview had better stamina and held the Trailblazers to 6 points, ending the game with a record of 3-2. After this game, Rangeview faced some new competitors they had not faced in the past, due to Rangeview changing leagues. A new team they faced was Denver South, and the Ravens started the game going point for point with the Lady Raiders until South was able to keep Rangeview at 19. Taking the first set 19-25, the next couple of sets took the same play, ending the game with a 0-3 South win. Senior Myskina Omadio said, “It was a great experience, I had so much fun building the bond and playing this season.”


Cheer on sidelines of football game PC: Avery Salas

This football season for the Rangeview boys started fresh with new head coach Christopher Dixon starting a new spark in the program. The Raiders started their opener against one of our biggest rivals, Vista Peak. This game was the mood setter for the season. Head Coach Christopher Dixon stated, “A very intriguing game was against Vista Peak. It was good to beat those guys and the boys definitely wanted that game. The toughest loss for us this season was Horizon high school.” The Raiders lost by three, 17-20. The game started with Rangeview kicking off to Horizon, where they gained possession on their 17 yard line. The first quarter 3-6 ending with 3-6 only down by 3 going into the second quarter both teams came in strong with a halftime score of 15-18. Leading off to the third quarter which both teams held off any point advancements, which led to the fourth quarter, with the Hawks having possession of the ball on the Raiders 12 yard line.he Hawks gained a touchdown and the game ended 17-20 with a Hawks win and the Raiders third loss in a row. The rest of the season, Rangeview boys got the wins and the verdict on the game on 9/15 against Aurora Central game ended with Aurora Central forfeiting the game. Coach Dixion ended by saying, “Overall the season was a win-win compared to previous seasons, I’m really proud of the boys.” The Raider football team ended the season 5-5 overall and 2-3 for league.

This season, the Rangeview Softball Team ended the season being ranked #7 in the league. One of the major consistencies this season was playing Vista Peak, a match-up that took place three times throughout the season.The Raiders pulled away with the win during the second match up in a tournament, ending the game in 9 innings with a score of 7-6 That wasn’t the last battle for Rangeview and Vista; they met up one more time at the end of their season with a Raider home game, winning once again. The challenges the softball team faced this season weren’t just their repeating competitors as they took a tough loss against Denver South with a final score of 13-5. Junior Anna Salazar said, “I think this season was pretty fun. I think we could have definitely done better in certain games. Overall I think the culture and atmosphere was very good and we cared about each other a lot, so I enjoyed this season.” In the end, the Raiders overall record was 12-10 and a league record of 6-6, which was not good enough to make the softball 5A playoffs.

The Raider boys soccer team started the season showing they were forced to be reckoned with, by leading the season with a 5 game winning streak. The biggest excitement in their season was against Eaglecrest High School, where they went to overtime and won by one point, ending the game 2-1. Despite a good start, the Raiders seemed to have a decline in play once it got closer to the playoffs. The Raiders started losing by two or more points. With a hard loss to end the season against Pine Creek, which ended with a score of 0-0 in regulation, the Raiders lost in penalty kicks 3-4. Senior Luis Saldana Dominguez’s opinion on the season was, “Overall the season was a good experience, I feel like every player came in with all they got and with the right mindset. We started strong, giving it all on the field and running through many good teams. The victories were celebrated and we won as a team and took L’s with our heads up high. The competitiveness and seriousness stayed there during the important times but the fun and joking around was never absent. It was a hard way to lose the playoffs after leaving our hearts on the field but I take all the good memories.” The Raider boys ended the season with an overall record of 10-6.