Doja Cat: Crazy or just a millennial phase? 


Doja dressed in her iconic style including a fuzzy hat Doja dressed in a classic metallic outfit June 22,2022 (Via instagram: @dojacat)

Aubry Vigil, A&E Editor

 Although there is nothing wrong with being a millennial, there are some pressuring stances that all of them go through like a phase. Not necessarily an identity crisis, more like a breaking point of societal norms when they reach their mid to late twenties, which then becomes more transparent in their thirties. Doja Cat being one out of many millennials to experience this.

Loved for her eccentric personality and music, Doja Cat is known for her songs such as Moo, Say So, and Streets, to list a few. With her eccentric personality comes her own unique style; Whether it be music or fashion, it’s something that can be admired by all. Her outfits usually go off a theme with pieces of fur, bright colored patterns, latex, metallics and anything else that can stand out to the human eye. During the years of 2020-2021 Doja has flooded her feed with posts of content of her and her style, a normalcy it has become.

As of early 2022, Doja Cat has hit a point on all social media platforms where posting content of being herself, was in a way that was different to when she first became famous. She was brightly dressed and followed a promotional theme based on her albums. Which isn’t seen from others in the industry making it awkward for some to continue following. Doja has never been afraid to show her true self, but within this recent year it’s been a different story. Following her hospitalization for vaping and the canceled tour with the Weekend, Doja Cat went bald and started a more edgy and nude take on what trends are. No one knows why and even if it was for herself, it was the behavior she decided to take with it. Some may compare her to what Britney Spears did in 2007 but that’s just a normal Doja Cat move. 

Doja being herself doesn’t make her crazy, but the sudden changes in the span of less than a year is what prompts if she is crazy or if it’s a phase. Everyone has seen at least one millennial look like they were going through something, maybe this was just her take on it.