Wednesday: Review

Wednesday: Review

Hayley Thompson, A&E Reporter

On Wednesday, November 23rd students kicked off Thanksgiving break with a great new show directed by Tim Burton.

This show is a live action twist from multiple different films of the Addams Family. It involves romance, crime, and a whole lot of murderous and sarcastic comments. And with Jenna Ortega as their lead role to play the classic deadpan on Wednesday Addams, fans can’t seem to stop raving about this show. 

In an interview, Ortega states, “I was always compared to Wednesday because I’m very dry, and I don’t think people can tell when I’m being serious or when I’m being sarcastic.” Fans are completely captured by her performance, and can’t get enough. Being Wednesday Addams came so naturally to her.

Although Ortega’s performance was extremely well done, it’s the plot that really puts the cherry on top. The interesting crime this show has to offer takes fans on a rollercoaster of emotions, giving people the wrong impression as to who the murderer is. By the end of the show, many don’t know who to believe and who they want behind bars. 

Now with crime, and Jenna Ortega, what more does this show need. Well, perhaps a love triangle could really make this show top tier. Which is exactly what Burton did. Wednesday joined the school with running away as her main goal, but with her multiple interactions with both Tyler (Hunter Doohan) and Xavier (Percy White) shows fans the undeniable chemistry she shares with the both of them. But fans are weary when it comes to choosing which boy they root for, and the finale will sure shock everyone. 

Overall, this show was extremely well produced. It is currently trending #1 on Netflix and all over everyone’s conversations at school after break. Personally, this show deserves a 10/10 going from a classic movie to a creative show, making fans fall in love with Wednesday Addams all over again.