OP-ED: What Color Tastes Best?


“What color tastes best?” As weird of a question as this sounds, it’s even stranger that almost all of us can come up with an answer. For some, it’s the color of their favorite candy. Some just think a specific color tastes great with no specific reasoning behind it.The first color that came to my mind was blue when I asked myself the question of what color tastes best. That, and green. Blue candies tend to be blue raspberry, while green ones are green apple. Both are personal favorites of mine.

It’s almost an unspoken rule that purple is grape, green is green apple, orange is orange, blue is blue raspberry, yellow is lemon or pineapple, and red is strawberry or raspberry–and in some rare cases watermelon. To make sure I wasn’t the only person with an opinion on this I asked others at Rangeview what they thought. Almost everyone was initially confused at the question and thought it was strange, but were ultimately able to respond and give me detailed reasons as to what color tastes best and why. 

When I first asked Joel “JJ” De La Cana (Junior) what color tastes best he stated “ Blue, because it tends to always have a nice taste to it.” I then proceeded to ask him what color would taste the worst in which he stated “ Black because black licorice sucks, like burnt cookies and burnt cake. It’s just not good”.

Jaiden Cunningham, a Campus Monitor, said what color he thought tasted best was green. “Green would taste the best because it’s exotic enough and I love green apple flavored anything generally, and if it’s green it’s probably sweet”. 

On which color tasted the worse, he then stated “I feel like red tastes the worst because it’s just a hit or miss. Sometimes it’s fire like red velvet is fire but then anything else candy flavored is probably cherry and then it tastes like medicine”. 

Overall, even if it is a weird question, everyone tends to have a color already in mind. One that they can confidently say tastes better than all the other colors. Some all have different opinions than others and all have different reasons as to why. But at the end of the day they are just colors, yet just about all of us can relate them to something and can rank them based upon taste. The brain is impressive.