THE REVIEW INVESTIGATES – How is the Rangeview building funded?


Myles Chapman, Opinion Editor

According to the 2021-2022 APS school budget, secondary schools (which include high schools) have a budget of $97.0 million. 

The Rangeview building is funded, budgeted, and given its resources on a basis of many different factors.

The Rangeview building has been standing since 1982, being finished on November 16, 1983. Due to its old age, the school has had some complications. There have been many issues with the building, like flooding and the chillers (air conditioning) being broken, which have been big problems, and delaying the beginning of the school year

It is important to note that if anything is broken, or if there are any structural issues in the building, they will be covered and maintained by the district. An example of this is how the district maintains the main basketball gym. The basketball gym has had many upgrades over the years. The gym usually has a huge upgrade every 20 years. 

Further, there also have been several expansions for the school in the last two decades, including the media center, new wing, a second expansion for the new wing (the new new wing), and student services rooms.

Rangeview seems to have a decent budget overall, though there appears to be a lot of concerns regarding whether it is enough, or if it is being used wisely. Many students and teachers have concerns specifically about the Rangeview building and it needing upgrades for improvements.

“We need [more] color in the building. I really like the mural we have in here (the cafeteria) but I feel like having more of those around the school that target different audiences or different groups [would be very beneficial for the building],” said Junior Ingrid Romero.

It is important to know that the process of the Rangeview building to get more funding, building requests, renovations, or upgrades (that are not based on building maintenance or safety) depends on voters and bills that are being implemented on ballots.  

Ultimately, the way the Rangeview building is managed, depends on many different factors, but the Rangeview building remains an important staple and representation for Rangeview students and Rangeview as a whole.