Saron Mentesinot, News Reporter

For the upcoming year, the Aurora Public School district has a new logo. The district believes the manufacturing of this logo will provide itself the opportunity to rebrand and build a new image. On their website they say that the logo will better reflect on the district as a community. 

Although some attendees of APS schools agree with this reasoning, Celina Quach, a  Rangeview Sophomore said,  “With everything our district has been though, like dropping graduation rates and violence in our area, I think a fresh look would make it easy for us to move on as a community,” 

Others like the assistant principal Tammy Strouse believe that rebranding is not what she would do if making the decisions. Many others agree with her. Rangeview English teacher Jonathan Well believes deficiencies in the school building like the A.C issues from early in the school year would be a better focus for the district. 

The 2007 trademark drastically changed from a navy man holding a globe in front of a range of mountains to an orange, blue and dark green geometric logo with the tagline, “power your potential.” In order for these changes to be made, APS district paid Mission Minded, a marketing agency, a whopping $200,000 for the manufacturing of the new logo. This doesn’t include the money it would take to implement the new design. 

Rangeview students weren’t exactly thrilled and had a few constructive thoughts they wanted to share. Kyleigh Grant, a sophomore at Rangeview, commented, “The new logo has no significance to making a difference in our school.” She also went on to say that the money could have gone to bettering food for the students. 

Many agree with her saying that the logo was, “just a ridiculously expensive band-aid.” 

With all that said, regardless of the variety of opinions on the situation, it still seems like everyone just wants the best for the district.