Top 10 Worst Fashion Trends


Hayley Thompson, A&E Co-Editor

The new year is where everyone wants to start fresh. As they’re waving goodbye to the year 2022, they save a big ol’ kiss for the extra things that they got tired of throughout the year. Here are the ten worst fashion trends that need to be left in 2022. 



#10: “Copy and Paste”

We all hate accidentally matching someone at school, so why purposefully do it with your entire friend group? Everybody wants variety, we’re tired of seeing the same basic things in a giant group of people. Switch it up and get your own sense of style.




#9: Bass pro shop hatsThey were cute at first, but now they are honestly just overused. Many of the people who are even wearing these don’t even go to bass pro shops or use any of the other items that bass pro shops sell. Find a different hat, leave these in 2022. 



#8: Tracksuits (specifically red)

This fashion item should’ve left as fast as it came. They were cute at first,

 but once again, as soon as they become overused then people get tired of seeing them. They don’t look sporty, instead they make people look like Sue Sylvester from Glee.




#7: Skinny Jeans

Although they look good on some people, some of us shouldn’t have hopped on that train. They are extremely unflattering and in all reality there are other bottoms to wear that would look 10x better. We always complain about jeans never fitting right, but maybe it’s because you’re wearing jeans as tight as your skin.




#6: Soapy Brows

Soap should be used to clean your hands, not brush through your brows. If you want a feather-y eyebrow look there are plenty of makeup products to give you the same look without gelling them down. Yes the wispy look is cute, but soap brows are a thing of 2022. Let’s get a different eyebrow trend for 2023. 


#5: Polo Shirts

Are they sleek, or do they make you look like you’re wearing the school’s uniform? Rangeview High School is lucky enough to allow students to dress and express themselves, so why wear something that most schools use in their uniforms. Let’s all please expand our fashion horizons and stop dressing like there’s a required uniform. 



#4: Supreme Shark Zip-Ups

If you decide to wear these, then zip them all the way up because you should be embarrassed wearing these around. This isn’t 2015, they aren’t cool, it was a bad investment and no matter how much your grandma tells you that it looks nice, it really doesn’t. To all the guys who think they are being fashionable, they need a reality check. 


#3:Anything 80s (teachers mostly)

Childhood’s can be something that makes us feel very nostalgic, or very regretful about past mistakes. Most people say the 80s are coming back with crop tops and bell bottom pants. Many of us think they are cute and extremely fashionable, but many teachers hate the constant reminders of their past fashionable mistakes. 


The only thing good about crocs is that they are comfy, but are the Swiss cheese looking shoes really that stylish? In short, no. It’s even worse if people decide to let their dogs run free in crocs without any socks on. Keep crocs as an at home shoe at best, but many people are tired of seeing them out and about. 




In the #1 spot for Rangeview’s worst fashion trends, is people are tired of seeing sagging around. What’s the point of flashing your underwear around? It’s even worse to wear shorts underneath just to sag. If you’re going to show off your shorts, just don’t wear jeans to begin with. No one wants to see it! Pull up your pants and start wearing a belt in 2023. 


With the new year brings different fashion trends! People are so tired of seeing these. Move on and find new things to wear. New year, new style.