Signing day


Simmons and Patterson signing with proud Head Coach Dixson

Avery Salas, Editor in Chief

Rangeview seniors have begun looking into colleges what programs will best fit their career and pursuit of passions, but for their athletes it’s a little different. Recently,two fall sports athletes signed for football, Nasir Simmons and Armani Patterson. Simmons signed to Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO with former coach Everette Bible helping open that contact his junior year. From there, they looked over his senior season film and invited him to take a look at their program, with Simmions adding, “ a couple days after that, they called me and told me they were going to offer me…They were showing me the most love and I could see myself playing there and getting a degree at. It’s such a beautiful place and a good atmosphere.” 


 Armani Patterson has also signed to Clarke University in Dubuque, IA to continue football career. Patterson was Rangeview’s top running back and a force to be reckoned with as well as one of the highlighted seniors on the field this past season. Rangeview Offensive Coordinator Joe Eck spoke about his bond he created with him from practice, saying, “we would always do throwing competitions (which I won) and try to hit the crossbar.”