Class of 2023 Rankings Are Official


Mikayla Brown, News editor

Graduation season is creeping closer and closer, and preparations for the senior class are beginning to take place. One of which includes the release of the senior class rankings. This year, for the class of 2023, the valedictorian is Osedebamen (Ose) Okhihan. With the salutatorian being Caleb Tonk, coming in at #3 is Ansley Slocum, #4 through #10 in no specific order are Nate Urban, Jonah Self, Madeline Vu, Carmiya Weathersby, Aaron Huynh, Vivianne Lee, and Chidera Okeke-Obasi. As Rangeview’s first black male valedictorian, Okhihan says, “It took a lot of long hours just studying and a lot of time management skills. It feels pretty good to be the first black male valedictorian and it means a lot to me.”