Denver Nuggets Show Their Support at the Trojans v. Raiders Unified Basketball Game


Connor Shea and Isabel Campbell

The latest Rangeview Unified basketball game took place Thursday, February 9th, at Aurora Central High School. The game was sponsored and hosted by Colorado’s own Denver Nuggets. 

The highlight of Thursday’s game had nothing to do with the score, but rather the Nuggets. During half-time, they generously revealed a $1000 donation to both schools in order to help fund their Unified programs. This was a huge deal, as the Nuggets can’t go to every Colorado school’s basketball games, and they can’t just give away a thousand dollars towards every team.

 Not only did the team’s generosity lift everyone’s spirits but they also brought along with them their own cheerleaders, drummers, some coaches, and their mascot who kept everyone entertained. Denver Nuggets mascot, Rocky was constantly on the court dancing, messing around with players, and making his “famous” half court shot between quarters, which he missed a total of 7 times.

From the very start of the game both teams were playing their hardest, constantly sharing the ball and going from one end of the court to the other in literal seconds. Within the first quarter alone, Central had scored 14 points and Rangeview scored 8. 

Both teams stayed neck and neck for every period, with Rangeview consistently stealing the ball and keeping the pressure on Central. Despite their best efforts, the Raiders were almost always ten points behind Central, with the second quarter ending in a score of 22 – 12 and the third quarter at 32 – 22. The game ended with Central having scored 46 points and Rangeview still ten behind at 36 points. 

The tense game was a sight to behold. Each team gave every player a chance to score points for their school, and would let them try as many times as they needed to make the shot. The audience, which was primarily composed of the players’ family and friends, proved to be more supportive than anyone could’ve expected, and even the opposing team looked out for each other, and our Raiders.