What Spider Man Is The Best?


Paula Villalon, Opinion Writer

Spiderman, one of the most iconic and well known superheroes of our generation. Known just by a simple mask and costume, iconic nonetheless. Making some of the most amazing and well known movies of our generation. But with that there have been many debates over the years as to which actor has truly been the best Spiderman. 

Each debate leaves others believing one is better than the other for multiple reasons, such as which plays Peter Parker better, which has better acting skills, storyline, and which Spiderman is the best. Personally, I have always been stuck between two actors: Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. I love the story line for Tobey Maguire and how many movies they made for him, but I loved the acting of Andrew Garfield and the way he played Spiderman. 

But nonetheless if I truly had to just pick one that would be a simple decision. I would have to go for Andrew Garfeild, he by far is the best when it comes to acting both as Peter Parker and Spiderman. He has always been an icon for those reasons and I have always liked the storyline he has. I never liked how they didn’t show Tom Holland’s Spiderman spider bite and I didn’t like the way Tobey Maguire played Peter Parker even if he was the original. 

So to finally put an end to all the debating I set out and interviewed multiple students and staff here at Rangeview High school. I asked them the very simple question of who they believed was the best Spiderman and why. It was 50/50 for the most part as everyone kept going back and forth between Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfeild.

I started with Angeline Manzano, an 11th grader who said “I think the best Spiderman has to be Andrew Garfield mostly because he is the cutest, but also because he is the most courageous out of all of them.”

 When I asked Adrian Favela, an 11th grader, he also agreed and said,“I think the best Spiderman is Andrew Garfield because I liked Gwen in the movie a lot and I think Andrew Garfield was super chill and cool in the movie. I liked the story and plot of the movie. I think he is overall a better Spiderman than Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland.” 

But the question of who is the best Spiderman is a different story when I asked Heidi Ammons, Librarian, who stated “There is only one good Spiderman as I have only seen one. Therefore Tom Holland is the best. My daughter liked Spiderman: No Way Home and so did I. That’s why Tom Holland is the best.” 

Similar to what others have said Zoey Hiwot Woldemicheal 10th grader agreed stating “I am going to have to say the best Spiderman would have to be Tom Holland because one he is cute but also because he actually looks like a teen compared to the others. His acting actually makes it seem like he is a realistic teen and that he truly has a double life. So I think overall he is better than the other actors.”

Lastly, Junior Ryley Kunz said, “Personally the only one I can truly remember is Tom Holland so I would have to go with him. But I will say I also really like Andrew Garfield as out of all of them he had the most spidery moves and he acted like a spider in some clips. Then I would have to put Tobey Maguire last.” 

Overall every actor that has played Spiderman has done an amazing job for different reasons, but when it comes to what actor has done the best job it would have to be between Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland. Everyone has a different opinion as to why each Spiderman is the best but from those I have interviewed it’s safe to say that Tom Holland or Andrew Garfield are the best Spidermen.