Changes at Rangeview prompt student action


By Alivia Lee, Co-editor in Chief

Feature photo: An empty business calendar symbolizes the once cut Business Department. As of February 18th the Business Depart has been revived. Credit: Dennae Pigford

A student created petition has taken off throughout the Rangeview community; last night, February 18th, sophomore Kira Nolan took it upon herself to create a petition to “Reevaluate Ronald Fay’s Ability to be the Principal at Rangeview High School.” The petition is currently on and is addressed to Aurora Public Schools with the goal to have Mr.Fay’s choices as a principal and his capabilities reevaluated.

“I decided to start it (the petition) because I saw that a lot of people were unhappy with the changes that Mr.Fay was making and he wasn’t really taking into consideration all of the people who are passionate about the programs and I just thought it wasn’t right so I decided to take action,” said Nolan.

Nolan set out with a goal of 200 signatures, but within 12 hours, the petition has already received over 115 signatures. Along with signatures, current Rangeview students and alumni have also expressed comments of frustration towards the current choices of administration. While as time progresses and signatures continue to come, others see the flaws in this petition.

“ “I think that it’s bogus because I feel that personally Mr. Fay does a lot for our school and he’s very helpful and I personally work with him and I can assist (sic) that he’s the best principal that I’ve ever had,” said junior Titi Ferguson. “ I feel like he does a lot for our school so for people to petition against him; I think it’s wrong and I don’t think that it should go through.”

While many see all the positive changes and influence of Mr. Fay, others have a shared dissatisfaction with his decisions. Students are presented with the opportunity to express their concerns through this petition.

“With recent changes in the school policies it’s important that we evaluate every staff members ability to be objective in these situations,” said junior Mariah Lee. “I hope that we can find whether or not he’s a qualified individual.”

Through this petition, its supporters, and Nolan have the goal of creating a more improved Rangeview, but right now it is unclear as to how much influence this petition will have.


Reporter Hannah Metzger provided contributions to this report.