Sorensen chosen as solo student speaker


Feature photo taken by Hannah Metzger. Senior Hailey Sorensen is the student speaker at this year’s graduation. Sorensen went through two rounds of auditions to finally be chosen as the only student speaker.

By Hannah Metzger, Reporter

It was recently announced that Rangeview’s long holding tradition of the top 10 students of the senior class making short speeches during their graduation ceremony will be no more. Instead, this year Rangeview is beginning a new tradition by replacing these ten 30 second speeches with one, two to five minute speech made by a single student.

After various levels of auditions in front of several Rangeview faculty members and the entire admin staff the student speaker has finally been chosen: Hailey Sorenson.

“It was an extremely pleasant surprise when I was chosen to be the graduation speaker and I am really excited to have this amazing opportunity,” exclaimed Sorenson. “It is a precious time for us seniors and it’s going to be an honor to speak to my class for the final time.”

This decision was made to give every senior a chance to speak at graduation even if their GPA didn’t place them in the top 10. Also, by choosing the student speaker through auditions and not GPAs the quality of the speeches are sure to increase and make the graduation ceremony more entertaining and uplifting as a whole as it does not force students to give speeches.

“I looked for a story, one that was entertaining for the audience. Something that the seniors that were graduating could relate to and something that the people in the audience could also relate to in a different way,” explained Mrs. Strouse, one of the faculty members involved in the auditioning process. “Something that could inspire or motivate the younger kids and something that the parents and grandparents could reflect on and remember what their high school experience was like.”

Although there were several students competing for the role of senior speaker, Sorensen’s speech provided a certain element that made it stand out from the rest.

“It was just brilliant,” said Mrs. Strouse. “It was pretty exciting, fun, I thought that the audience would like it.”

This outstanding senior has earned the honor of speaking during her graduation ceremony in front of approximately 6,000 people.

“I am more excited than I am nervous to give my speech and I have debate club to thank for that,” said Sorenson. “I’ve never spoken to an audience bigger than 40 people before but I have confidence in public speaking so this situation will be no different than speaking at debate or FBLA or Link crew.”

With Sorenson’s history in speech and debate and her relatable personality it is safe to say that she is a worthy choice for this year’s senior speaker and for holding the responsibility of beginning Rangeview’s new graduation speech tradition.

Sorensen’s speech can be heard at the senior class of 2016’s graduation ceremony will be held on May 24 at the University of Denver at 2:00 PM.