Rangebuds making a sound


Luis Ramos, Reporter

Feature photo by Luis Ramos- An advertisement of Rangebuds in the commons.

Remember the last time you lost your earbuds? To some they might just be a pair of headphones, but to others they are a way to escape the world for a while.

Business teacher Ms.Miller assigned a business project twelve weeks ago that had lasted till May 13. Ms. Miller’s 4th period business class was divided into two groups where they first referred to themselves as company A, and company B. The two companies have been competing against each other ever since to figure out which company will come out on top.  

“The whole point of the project is to figure out what having a business means in order to be successful from start to finish,” said Miller.

Through this project Company B came up with the idea of selling earbuds and soon renamed their company to Rangebuds but, before they began selling anything, they had to start from scratch.

When they figured out their company name, the next step was to figure out their leadership roles.

Senior Kaylee Adams took the role of CEO, sophomore Jose Acosta became Vice President, and sophomore Jazmin Pena is the Advertising Director for Rangebuds.

Sophomore Jazmin Pena (Luis Ramos)
Sophomore Jazmin Pena (Luis Ramos)

In order to sell the product (the earbuds), they had to buy it first in which they fund-raised for and raised capital to have a better profit outcome.

Once they acquired the earbuds, they had to go through an approval to figure out when they could begin selling the product.

Company B began by selling the earbuds in small personalized baskets for three dollars and as they reached their goal they lowered the price to only two dollars. The Rangebuds company quickly became successful as they got their original investment back and surplussed.

“The sale was great, I sold all of my earbuds”, said sophomore Jazmin Pena. “We got the original money back and we are now making profit.”

Rangebuds has a specific rule that contributes to the success of the company; they promised to sell something that the community would feel worth spending a certain amount of money on.  Students that got their hands on the product admit that the earbuds were worth buying.