Tye your dance shoes


Cinnamon Wilson, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Cinnamon Wilson – Tye performs a spin in front of the mirrors in the dance room. He was seen doing spins before his 7th period dance class started.

Spirited, dynamic, enthusiastic, vital, lively, zesty, animated, brilliant, eloquent, expressive, artistic, energetic, and suggestive. All words that can be used to describe Terrence Williams.

Williams also known as Tye, is the only male dancer on Rangeview’s Varsity Poms team. He is a junior, openly bi-sexual, and loves to express his mind.

“Tye is just always dancing, either making or going over choreography in his head, helping others, practicing his technique, he’s just a dancer at every aspect of his life,” says Ms. Termeer, Coach of RHS poms team.

Williams is interested in doing certain types of dances; he’s not much of a hip-hop dancer.

“[I like to dance] contemporary and poms are my favorite. I also do jazz and lyrical,” explains Williams.

Williams began dancing at 4 years old and started classical dancing at 8.

“[I was inspired by] watching Travis Wall and the cast of Shaping Sounds,” says Williams.

Tye smiles, posing for the camera before his dance class. 7th period advanced dance is only for Rangeview’s varsity poms. (Cinnamon Wilson)

Williams’s passion and vibrant personality come out in every performance he does. Even if people don’t know Williams personally, they can recognize him from his moves on the dance floor.

“Tye is really social and likes to talk,” says RHS junior Evangaline Benitez.“He’s a good dancer and is very confident when he dances.”

Williams wishes to teach his passion to others one day by owning his own dance studios.

“[I dance] to share my passion with fellow peers,” says Williams.

Williams was born to dance, which is clearly shown through his facials, elegance, and commitment to the art of dance.

“When Tye dances, it makes me happy because I’m proud of him and I know one day he will follow his dream and be successful,” says Shynell Moore, Williams’s cousin and junior at Rangeview.

In Williams’s free time he likes to go to parties and see as much of life as he can. He loves helping others prepare for Pom auditions because he loves to see the passion people have for dance.

“I know Tye from Columbia Middle School, we met in 8th grade,” says junior Brandi Ivery. “I like Tye because he’s such a fun person to be around and his vibes are really chill.”

Williams is the type to brighten anyone’s day just from being himself.

“Tye is just a character. He’s always positive, and he’s always outgoing,” says Termeer.

Williams dances every second he can. He could just be casually sitting in his seat in class and bust out dancing one of his routines. Williams is not just a dancer — he’s the definition of a dancer, say those who know him best. His dedication, enthusiasm, passion, and positive personality all make him who he is and is also the reason he is loved so much.