Opinion: Westbrook the underrated


Tahir Springs, Review Contributor

Feature Photo Credited to: Getty Images – Russell Westbrook takes a moment of rest during a game. Westbrook is often viewed as an underdog compared to other NBA players.

As of right now, Russell Westbrook is averaging 31.2 points, 10.3 assists, and 10.6 rebounds per game for his Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team. Something like this has only been done once in the NBA, and hasn’t been done since 1962 when NBA legend Oscar Robertson achieved it.

But still, some people say that he’s not their number one choice for MVP (most valuable player) and to most people like me, it’s very confusing.  

Sure, since James Harden was moved to point guard for the Houston Rockets he has averaged 28.8 points, 11.3 assists, and 8.1 rebounds and has lead his team to the third spot in the Western Conference, but his season hasn’t come close to the type of season Westbrook has been having.  

When asked to make the case on why Westbrook should be MVP, Harden says, “He’s averaging a triple double, there’s only one person in the history of the league to do that so, I mean he’s doing it every single night on every aspect on the floor, I mean we’re watching greatness right now.”

Westbrook shouts triumphantly as he leads the Oklahoma City Thunder. (SportsNGiggles.com) 

Let’s also not forget, Harden has had some amazing games this season including one where he made his own record of having a triple double and scoring more than 50 points in the same game during two different games in a season.

But, James Harden only has 14 triple doubles and Russell Westbrook has 30. You tell me which player you’d prefer leading your team.   

You can easily make the argument that Russell Westbrook does pretty much everything  on his own for his team since Kevin Durant left to go to the Warriors and Serge Ibaka left to go to the Magic.

Even though his team is in the seventh spot in the Western Conference in the race for the playoffs, that’s still pretty impressive for someone who lost the other two best and most contributing players on the team.

When asked why Russell Westbrook should be MVP, OKC fan Jayvion Swain says, “ If they picked someone else that wouldn’t be fair because nobody else is adding on to history like he is and he does everything by himself, (Kevin Durant) left and he just got ten times better than he already was.”

There’s other honorable mentions in our league that could win MVP like Anthony Davis, Stephen Curry, Isaiah Thomas, Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, and of course Lebron James. But, if you could give me even three good sensible points on why any of them should win over Westbrook, I’d give you one hundred dollars.

It just simply doesn’t get better than what Westbrook is doing this season. Not only is he making watching him interesting but he’s making the whole NBA more interesting. It’s fun trying to see what teams do every night to try to stop him and control his triple doubles.
Hopefully, Westbrook can lead his team into the playoffs and help them survive more than just the first round, but even if he doesn’t he still has to be the number one choice to be the MVP.