Regan breaks walls


The cover art for Regans first album which was released last December. Regan has continued making music using YouTube as a platform where he has 113 subscribers.

Feature photo by: Spencer Regan– The album cover of Regan’s first official album, Broken Walls is available to listen to on soundcloud. His album was released last December and is still being played.

By: Cinnamon Wilson, Review Staff

A very artsy junior, Spencer Regan is not your typical Rangeview student.  Aside from appearing in school plays and contributing to the advance choir Chromatics, Regan has taken his dreams and turned them into a reality.

The cover art for Regan’s first album, called Broken Walls, was created by Regan himself. He released his first album last December, Regan has continued making music using YouTube as a platform where he has 113 subscribers. (Spencer Regan)

He created his very first album called “Broken Walls” last December. Everything about the album was written and produced by him in his own basement, all down to the the art on the album’s cover. His album is available on soundcloud.(Click here to view his soundcloud)

Regan has been singing since the 6th and hopes to one day be known as a famous singer/ rapper.

“ The whole concept of ‘Broken Walls’ was that it took me so long to finish the project,” says Regan, “There was so much I had gone through and learned that through all of that I’ve broken down the barriers that held me down.”

Till this day, people still have his music on their playlist and have some of his songs on repeat.

Cristofer Reza 11th grader at Rangeview says,“[I like his music because] it’s him you know? I know Spencer is a happy dude and he’s confident and I’ve kind of known him since freshman year so to see him put his feelings in his music is kind of inspiring.”

Regan has a Youtube channel with 113 subscribers and a soundcloud account where he promotes his music. He has one music video for his song “Hunting” and a few covers he made on Youtube.

“[After graduation I am going to] attend the assent program for a year and then hopefully go on tour with ‘Up With People’ then after go into my own music,” says Regan.

Up With People is a global education program that tries to better the world together through music. It offers students a unique experience and a pathway to make a difference in the world. (To learn more, visit )

“To me, music is purpose,” says Regan.

Junior Spencer Regan poses for a picture by the auditorium after his Drama class. Regan hopes to become a successful singer after high school. (Cinnamon Wilson)

Regan made it in Rangeview’s advance choir Chromatics his sophomore year and continued his Junior year.

James Laguana, the choir teacher at Rangeview, says, “When Spencer first came to me as a freshman he was really standoffish and awkward, like even for a boy.  But he had such a tremendous passion for music and I was like, ‘this is the boy that’s going to be connected strongly in music.’”

He has also made it into Chromatics again for next year.

Close friend of Regan, Matthew Lopez who is also a junior at Rangeview, has known Regan since 6th grade.

“Spencer is a very good person and would put his own problems aside to help you with yours.” said Lopez.

Regan has inspired and motivated a lot of his peers because it’s not every day you see someone like Regan try to follow his dream with such passion.

Marina Douglas, a junior at Rangeview and year long friend of Regan, says, “I like that Spencer goes after his dreams based off that he loves music and he does it with a purpose like it is his mind goal to become someone greater.”

Encouraging Words For Spencer From Peers:

“Make sure you do what makes you happy because it’s better to do something that makes you happy rather than something that makes you miserable.”- James Laguana

“Good luck boo boo.”- Marina Douglas

“Just keep it real Spencer and just keep making music. Keep doing you.” – Cristofer Reza

“Don’t sweat the small stuff and keep your head up.”- Matthew Lopez