Embark on the journey of She Kills Monsters


Yucheng Zhang, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Roman Edwards – Seniors Gabriel Garyeazon (left), Lisitte Mora (middle), and Donovan Strouse (right) rehearse for the play She Kills Monsters. Garyeazon plays Orcus, Mora plays Tilly, and Strouse plays the lead role of Agnes.

The Rangeview theater department is kicking off this year’s shows with the production of She Kills Monsters, a dramatic comedy written by Qui Nguyen. Under the direction of Mrs. Anderson and what many agree to be an extremely talented cast, many anticipate this being the best show of the year.  

She Kills Monsters revolves around the story of the main protagonist Agnes Evans; it follows her journey as she mourns the death of her little sister, Tilly. Maintaining a distant relationship with her sister while she was alive, Agnes was not particularly close with her at the time of her death. However, Agnes uncovers a notebook belonging to her sister; and, as she delves into Tilly’s world of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), she is finally able to connect and grieve for her sister.

“I really like the central message of [the show],” says senior Donovan Strouse, who is playing the lead role of Agnes Evans. “I hope that people realize that it’s never too late to make things right and no matter the loss you have, people are going through the same stuff. I hope the audience loves it as much as I do.”

Senior Taylor Snoddy puts costume clothes on the clothing rack after rehearsal. Snoddy is costume mistress for the play (Roman Edwards).

Although it is comedic in essence, the show contains bittersweet moments with an overarching tone of melancholy and adventure. As Agnes dives deeper into the fantasy world of D&D, the show explores the intricacies of friendship, love, acceptance, and loss.

“I like this play because it’s funny but it still says a lot,” said Anderson. “It’s talking about what it means growing up LGBTQ; it’s talking about what it means to lose somebody; it’s talking about what it means to be different — so I think it’s things that a lot of Rangeview students can connect to.”

Despite the wide range of emotions that this cast must tackle, many think that they will have no problem mastering and portraying these emotions and expressing the overall message of the show.

“I think that this show is going to be very strong; we have a very well rounded cast,” says senior Tristan Sommers who plays Steve, an adventurous and comical character in Tilly’s world of D&D. “Everyone works well together and always has a positive attitude.”  

This is Sommers’ second show working under the direction of Mrs. Anderson.

“I really enjoy the direction of Mrs. Anderson because she wants you to develop your own character, it’s not just her telling you how to be this character — she asks you ‘how do you want to act to portray this scene?’” Sommers said. 

According to Mrs. Anderson, this is one of the hardest working casts she has worked with, and as they overcome numerous obstacles she has very high expectations for the show.

“I’m really proud of the cast and I think the show is gonna turn out really well. They’ve poured in a lot of hard work,” says Anderson. “I’m really proud of what they’ve created.”

You can uncover the mysteries, monsters, and adventures alongside the entire cast of She Kills Monsters at 7pm on October 4th, 5th, and 6th.

Ticket prices are listed as:

$6 for students with an activity card.

$7 for students without an activity card and senior citizens.

$8 for adults.