Previewing the festival


Lily Eberly, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Lily Eberly- A poster for the Festival of the Arts sits on a table. There are posters hanging around Rangeview, advertising the event.

This Saturday, May 11, 2019, Rangeview will be having its first arts festival; the festival will include visual arts, performing arts, workshops, and galleries. The festival will be from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, free of charge.

In addition to no charge, there will also be food trucks, craft stations, break rooms, and more.

Mrs. Strouse and Mrs. Bakersky planned the event. After writing the grant to do this, they got both the performing arts teachers and regular art teachers involved. The event will have four sessions, all with unique activities.

Not only will Rangeview be having sessions full of different workshops, there will also be special guests hosting some of the workshops. The Master Classes will be hosted by Greg Treco — starring as Aaron Burr from the Broadway musical Hamilton –, Matthew Peters — from the Boulder Dinner Theatre –, and Diego Rodriguez — from Ironsmith Films.

A door by the Social Studies department displays another poster. (Lily Eberly)


“There’s a tech theatre (workshop) about building props,” theater teacher Mrs. Anderson said. “The Broadway one is gonna be a huge draw, and not a lot of people have signed up for it yet.”

Some of the workshops are:

  • Woven Ceramic Bowls by Jacquie Ryan — In this workshop, ceramic bowls will be made in order to hold various items such as food, napkins, and anything else one could think of.


  • Old School Funny by Kaily Anderson-Barr — In the renaissance, actors would wear masks and act out in the streets. For the workshop, people will be able to wear masks and perform in improv with physical comedy.


  • Scale Set Design by Kyle Riggins — Sets on Broadway have miniature models of itself to really show what the stage will look like. In this workshop, people will learn how to build these models.


  • Photo Class by Katie Termeer — The photography teacher will be teaching few what cameras can do in this workshop. The terms learned will include aperture speed, white balance, and more.

“I’m most excited about seeing people explore their passions or find new passions beyond the classroom,” gifted and talented coordinator Mrs. Bakersky said. “This festival is all about finding and empowering yourself through art.”

To sign up to save a seat for the Festival workshops, click here. Come join Rangeview in this new event!