Review: The “Lawyers” approved


Bao Nguyen, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Roman Edwards – Senior and actress Lisitte Mora performs a play. Each show included 30 short plays. 

From one play to another, I have never seen a play like it. Our Lawyers Made Us Change the Name So We Don’t Get Sued is an incredibly distinctive play. Because students performed small individual plays, each performance was unique.

Our Lawyers Made Us Change the Name So We Don’t Get Sued included 30 short plays performed by 3 casts. Two casts performed each day in the span of one hour.

Each individual play was produced by students in advanced performing arts. These weren’t students that acted as characters, but students played themselves.

“When creating the plays, we were given certain prompts like something in the world that we want to change, or we came up with stories from our childhood,” senior and actress Jordan Clanton said. “I enjoyed

Senior and actor Tristan Sommers performs a play on stage. (Roman Edwards)

the diversity of the play. There was a good mixture of comedy and seriousness, but then there was also some good ensemble.”

Students worked from early August to November to create these plays. Many say there was anticipation for each play because of the uncertainty. Some of the plays were about games such as Garfield Kart, others were personal stories from students, parodies of popular songs, etc.

“My favorite aspect was that it was unique. It was something that we had never done before, and not many people do,” junior and actor Maxwell Satchell said. “It’s a play that is really out there.”

Compared to previous plays performed at Rangeview, Our Lawyers Made Us Change the Name So We  Don’t Get Sued provides a unique formula. There hasn’t been anything like it performed at Rangeview.

Senior and actress Makenzie Bell said, “These are the stories we created. Some of them are kind of wacky and goofy. Roman’s monologue, Laura’s monologue, Payton’s monologue are true stories that they’ve lived through.”

Not everyone will understand completely understand the play, but its unique elements made it memorable and meaningful for the students who produced it. Conclusively, the cast did an amazing job. Their emotions were truly shown through the plays and they always kept it interesting. I’m grateful that I was able to see this wonderful play.