Opinion: Your vote, your voice


Alexis Drummond, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Alexis Drummond – Myriam Alcala and Allison Powell pose outside of Rangeview, next to the sign. Both are running for Student Body President for the 2019-2020 school year.  

Editor’s note: In the spirit of election week, the Review has offered its platform for ALL the candidates running this year to promote themselves. These are unedited letters and videos from outside sources; thus, anyone can share their opinion, HOWEVER, these shots DO NOT reflect the opinions of The Raider Review. Thank You.

The election for the 2019-2020 Rangeview student body and class positions are this week. Voting starts today, February 12th and goes on until Friday, February 15th. These elections give you the opportunity to decide who will make Rangeview a better and comfortable place for all students.

Now, who could you vote for Student Body President?

Myriam Alcala or Allison Powell.


Why should you vote for Allison Powell?

Powell is active in many different aspects of Rangeview; she participates in Link, volleyball, track, NHS, and yearbook. She has proven she is a leader since freshman year — being freshman class president. Powell wants to see Rangeview come closer together to form a tighter family. 

Powell is well known to both staff and students and is well respected by both. 

Powell is going include YOU into the conversation.

She isn’t going to stand FOR you; she is going to stand WITH you.

“I want to increase communication between students and staff and admin.” — Powell.


Why should you vote for Myriam Alcala?

Alcala is a dedicated and active student; she participates in Link, speech and debate, FBLA, Mock Trial and is the opinion editor for The Raider Review.  Alcala is a natural born leader. She is always looking to create change and to make Rangeview a better place for both staff and students.

Speaking of staff and students, Alcala is well respected by both.

Alcala may not be the most acknowledged student here, but she is prepared to change Rangeview for the better.

She is going to make YOUR voices heard; she is going to help make changes that will help YOU.

By voting for Myriam Alcala for Student Body President, you are voting for yourself.

“I am not afraid to stand up for the people.” — Alcala.