Review: Don’t sleep on this musical


Feature Photo By: Norbert Espinell Albaladejo – Seniors Caitlin Fraizer (left), Yarely Gonzalez (right), and Tristan Sommers (right) perform a scene. There were many comedic scenes in Once Upon a Mattress. 

By: Bao Nguyen, Review Staff

Rangeview’s advanced performing arts has always had a great track history of musical performances. This year’s musical is based on the fairy tale: The Princess and the Pea. The musical told a different story and had a great cast behind it.

Students started working on the musical in November. Once Upon A Mattress was performed on February 21st, 22nd, and 23rd. The acting was phenomenal, and the cast provided great choreography after each scene.

Senior Jordan Clanton said, “I liked the whole process. We only had three months to learn the whole show. We started by dancing and learning the music first. After that, we started blocking our scenes. Although we kind of put it all together at the end, it worked out and wasn’t technically last minute.”

The cast of Once Upon a Mattress perform a scene on stage. (Norbert Espinell Albaladejo)

The musical revolves around the prince of a kingdom and his desire to find love. However, every princess that seeks to marry the prince is put to the test by the queen. A new princess arrives and proves herself to be worthy of marrying him. If you want a full overview of the musical, click on this link.

Junior Maxwell Satchell said, “My favorite aspect was that it was a fairy tale play, so it was different from what we usually do. My least favorite aspect was how we learned it and going through that whole process of production.”

A unique character from the play was King Sextimus, who was played by senior Tristan Sommers. Although he only had four lines, he stole many scenes with his own performance. Besides Sommers, Clanton provided great energy as Princess Winnifred and truly embraced the character. Seniors Taylor Snoddy and Jacob Lutz did amazing as Queen Aggravain and Prince Dauntless.

Senior Caitlin Fraizer said, “Acting on stage was really fun, and we were really close together. I didn’t really want to learn the dances for the musical.”

Although this musical provided the usual medieval setting, the cast did a phenomenal job with acting, singing, and dancing. It was a memorable and remarkable musical as expected by Rangeview’s performing arts department.