Profile: Palmer’s push to improve


(Yucheng Zhang)

Jeffrey Afriyie, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Yucheng Zhang – Coach Palmer sits and concentrates during team warm-ups at the Final Four game. The Raiders are facing off against Mountain Vista this Friday night.  

Shawn Palmer has been the head coach for the Rangeview basketball team for 16 years. He has lead the team to many playoff appearances in past years and is the second coach to head coach the boys basketball team at Rangeview.

Palmer was an assistant coach in 2002 for Coach Taylor. In 2002, he took over as head coach up until now. He is known to be the second and youngest coach at Rangeview High School.

Palmer has led the basketball team close to the state championship. Ever since he started coaching for Rangeview: he has won 7 conference titles, been to the great eight 6 times, and has been to the final four 3 times.

“He has helped me be better on and off the court – a better person in general,” says senior Jodaun Dotson, varsity player said about Coach Palmer.

Palmer helping a student during class. He has been a math teacher at Rangeview for 17 years (Jeffrey Afriyie)

Due to his success as the Rangeview basketball coach, he has been recognized with a number of awards. In 2008 and 2011, he received two Coach of the Year awards. As well as being named The City of Aurora Coach of the Year in 2012.

The success of Palmer coaching the basketball team has attracted many people to come to Rangeview – either to play or to support the team. Some players have even taken the penalty of sitting out a year or half a season for transferring schools to play sports in order to play for Rangeview.

“If you look at the roster of the team, the majority of those players are open enrolled,” Principal Ron Fay said.

As a coach, Palmer doesn’t care about stats and wins, he just wants to help everyone around him.

“My goal as a coach is improvement,” Coach Palmer stated, “As a coach, you want to see players improve and the culture improve.”

Palmer has earned his respect from players and other coaches; according to many of his old players, he is a “great coach.”

The basketball team is currently 24-2 and have a game against Mountain Vista in the Final Four at 7 pm on Friday, March 8.