Update on Principal Position


Grosz’s picture from her successful softball career hangs in the hallway by the large gym. It reads “All State Softball”. (Caroline Smith)

Rangeview High School now has a full-time principal- Lisa Grosz. After weeks of Grosz’s bosses collecting data about her from the teachers and parents of Rangeview, the announcement was made just before winter break and was a ‘nice Christmas gift’ for her. 

Grosz explained she never took the job as an “interim” position, she took the role as the principal to do what she had to do. 

“I didn’t hesitate to make decisions because I was the ‘interim’ principal, so in my mind I was like, ‘No man, I’m the real deal, I’m the principal.’ Even if it was for a short amount of time, I’d want to make as much of an impact as I can while I’m here,” Grosz said, “It feels good, though, to officially be the principal. I love every second of it, this is my school, my community.”

Now that Grosz is here for sure, she has come up with some goals and hopes for our school. To start, she wants to make sure to listen to not only the staff, but also the kids based on their needs for the community. Additionally, she wants to focus on the new graduation requirements, especially for the Juniors. These requirements are being implicated starting with the class of 2021, so the Seniors don’t have to worry about it. Now, the Juniors need to make sure these requirements are being met in order for them to graduate. 

Another focus of hers is to make sure students walk out of these doors with a plan, the skills they need for that to be successful, and as many credentials as they can give us to keep the possibilities open for what we want to do after high school.

Grosz said, “Rangeview has a great foundation, but the idea of excellence and working towards that, of building the feeling of family as much as possible, and taking care of each other and ourselves is an important part of that. My goal is to keep building that awesome culture of Rangeview pride, as well as the academics of it of course.”


Lisa Grosz stands outside at the front doors before first period. She greets each student as they walk inside to begin their day. (Caroline Smith)

A collection of information was made from Grosz’s boss, Zack F. Rahn, through emails, phone calls, and other points of contact to the Rangeview of community. Rahn was trying to essentially gather data on Grosz to see if she’d be a good fit for the full-time principal position. Also, Rahn talked to staff members of Rangeview and had them fill out surveys based on what she had been doing well and what she could improve in the future. He additionally went to Rangeview’s Student Leadership class  looking for their feedback. All of this information was compiled and was presented to the superintendent, and then Grosz later had to have an interview with the superintendent. 

Junior, Skyler Davis, said, “She will make a good principal for Rangeview because of her knowledge of the school and that shows, so she can step into the student’s shoes to make them thrive in school.”

In ‘89, Grosz graduated Rangeview, then returned to be a teacher, and later became an assistant principal. If you want more background information about Mrs. Grosz, read the previous story about her. Grosz has this “great pride” for Rangeview she said, as she has been involved with the school for quite awhile.

“I hope for whenever people hear my name connected with Rangeview, whether it was before when I was a teacher, and a coach, and a club sponsor, or now as the principal, that people automatically think good thoughts. Like ‘she really wanted the best for Rangeview and it’s kids and built on all of that awesome success that was already there’,” Grosz said. 

While at Rangeview, Grosz was highly involved in the school anytime she could be – a student, an athlete, a teacher, a club sponsor, a dean, a coach, an assistant principal, and now the principal. 

“She seems to have big plans for the school and I believe she has good intentions on making the school a better place.. My hopes are that she can make the school a place where students want to be,” said Junior, Renee Tracy.                                    

Grosz makes it a point that she loves Rangeview… “In this job there’s ups and downs, but I always have more ups and I wake up every morning and think, ‘I get to go to Rangeview High School. I get to be around awesome kids and great people and do this job.’ What I hope is that transfers to our staff and our kids like everyday is good to be a Raider.”