[ZOOMER TIMES] 20 Languages of Rangeview: English isn’t our only language

Do you speak a different language? 


Feature Photo by: Irl Paulalengan – Seniors Jessenia Jamie Delgado, Salma Ait Chafhi, Emma Nyonkah, Nathan Berhe, Hailey Baker, Marwa Ait Chafhi, Kathy Pham, Vernika Dombayeva, Jazmyne Ewing along with the college and career center advisor, Shauna Meyer, are chatting with each other in the CCC, demonstrating the immense diversity Rangeview has to offer.

Rangeview is known for its diverse student body, consisting of different heritages and knowing about 43 languages. The students may have their cultural differences, but it’s important to respect and learn about other cultures. As a result, these interviews of many of the students and staff members here help explore how they’ve been able to speak their language and their perspective on diversity. 

Having cultural diversity is a prominent yet unique aspect of the school because it allows people to trust, respect, and understand the different perspectives within the school and dismiss negative stereotypes. Most importantly, it gives people the chance to contribute what they’ve learned into society because it empowers them to express their cultural values and who they are without being discriminated against.