[ZOOMER TIMES] 10 Best Netflix Shows of the Last 20 Years

[ZOOMER TIMES] 10 Best Netflix Shows of the Last 20 Years

Melanie Aguirre, Review Staff

In the past 20 years, Netflix has had some of the most iconic T.V. shows featured on its platform. The media-services provider and production company is famous for their variety of shows from action to drama to romance and comedy; in no particular order, here are some of the greatest shows that Netflix has had in the last two decades.

Friends (1994-2004)

It is mind-blowing to think that it has been 24 years since the start of “Friends.” Anyone who has watched the show knows that the intro song is a defining aspect of the show itself, a jingle that you can’t help but sing along to. The iconic T.V. show that has impacted the return of so many 90’s trends was so eloquently produced that fans continue to ask for a reboot, despite the amount of time that has passed since it ended. The popularity that the show gained in a short amount of time caused the show to have an everlasting effect on its viewers, so much that even those who didn’t watch it when it had aired would watch it on Netflix. Each character captured a type of person in the world so effortlessly and in such a fun manner that it was impossible not to enjoy it. “Friends” is now expected to be taken off of Netflix at the beginning of 2020, and all that can be done to keep the show and the characters alive is to flirt like Joey, dress like Rachel, clean like Monica, live like Phoebe, care like Ross, and joke like Chandler. 

The Office (2005-2013)

I doubt that there has ever been a show as awkward and funny as “The Office.” The unique filming of the show as if it were a reality T.V. show or a documentary is what captures the humorous thoughts and actions of each character. Fans love the awkwardness and irony in each of the show’s seasons. Despite it being 6 years since the show came to a close, it ceases to lose popularity and is consistently  under the “popular shows” section on Netflix. Perhaps it is the discomfort that “The Office” brings its viewers, or the many relationships that form from the weird vibe that the show gives off, whatever it is it feels awfully relatable. The show has grown a significant amount in ratings the larger cast was able to connect with a larger audience as well, which seems to be what caused people like myself to see a piece of themselves in at least one character.  

Grey’s Anatomy (2005-Present)

Seattle Grace Hospital has lived in many of our hearts for years and with the show coming to an end after its 17th season, it will leave us devastated. After 16 seasons, the fact that the show is still standing and continues to have loyal fans shows just how dedicated the writers of “Grey’s Anatomy” are to their viewers.  Personally, this show made me think that I could change my major this late in the game from being a journalist to a surgeon! The excitement of getting to see how different scenarios in the medical field are handled pulls you in and doesn’t let you go. Beyond that, the show explores romance and action which keeps you on your toes about who, Meredith Grey, will end up with and how certain characters recover from accidents. It doesn’t look like the show will be leaving Netflix anytime soon so Netflix will continue to benefit from it. So like Derek Shepard would say “It’s a beautiful day to save lives.” 

Glee (2009-2015)

Also under Netflix’s “most popular,” “Glee” showed every angle of what high school is like, except that we don’t break into song every day. Although we might’ve believed that high school would be a bit more like “High School Musical” in reality, it was like “Glee”. There are the jocks, cheerleaders, the nerds, the goody-two-shoes (aka me). But as much as it is made out to be perfect, high school is not because people are judgemental and rude; this show is a prime representation of that. Even with the hard awakening to reality, there is an exploration of  sexuality, race, relationships, and teamwork through a multitude of characters that strive to achieve their goals throughout high school and beyond. The hope and dedication that the New Directions showed in “Glee” is the thing in all of us that helps us keep going!

The Vampire Diaries (2009-2017)

The best love triangle of the last decade goes deservingly to Stefan, Damon, and Elena. Yes, this show is very fictional, but it is not your typical teenage vampire content. For some reason, the way that lessons are learned throughout The Vampire Diaries is different because they are more profound. From the start, there are values set in stone for each character so when one of them gets hurt, you feel it deeply. And each love story means so much because it is crazy to fit it in our human minds that vampires could love someone for decades or centuries, or simply forever. Of the many “I love you’s” in the show, Damon’s “I love you” to Elena is the very reason why my heart melts when I watch this show. “I love you Elena. And it is because I love you that I can’t be selfish with you” (Damon).

Pretty Little Liars (2010-2017)

The iconic T.V. show that every teenage girl watched from beginning to end even if they didn’t have Netflix. People used to wait a week for a new episode! Of course now you don’t have to do that because “Pretty Little Liars” is under the TV shows tab on Netflix and you can binge-watch it if your heart desires. The never ending mysteries kept fans alert and always ready and willing to watch more of the show. The girls contrasting personalities made the show run with so much added funk that it never got old. There weren’t any boring parts in the show, however, I will admit that I wish the ending of the show had been better  and more developed thought out. When I first watched the show, I thought that I was more like one of the girls, but as the end approached, I realized that I had a piece of each of them in me. Spencer, Hannah, Aria, Emily, and Ali formed such a significant part of my teenage years with their amazing intellect and capacity to put up with a mastermind manipulator for years. 

The Fosters (2013-2018)

“The Fosters” is so relevant to the present time and dedicated to the people that Netflix should be honored to host it. From the openly acceptance of multiple sexualities to immigration and the foster care system, the writers beautifully showed the systems in place and how they have affected people. The show is so blunt and raw that it resonates with me because I am very family-oriented and have multiple identities that are seen throughout the seasons. It is an inside look that you wouldn’t get anywhere else on very dramatic yet real scenarios. Lena and Stef display a tumultuous life in trying to keep their kids safe, letting them learn, and learning with them. 

Quantico (2015-2018)

If you haven’t watched Quantico and dreamt of being an FBI agent, then this show isn’t for you. The crime and mystery of this show is what I live for! The show is intended to keep you on the edge of your seat and ABC does not fail to deliver. Alex Parrish’s drive to be an FBI agent turns out to be quite a challenge because the show has obstacles like good guys turned bad, deaths, and even an entire section of New York, which is where the show is set, taken hostage by terrorists. The show only ran two seasons, but the structure of following two timelines until they met in present time makes it even more interesting. I will admit that sometimes it was hard to follow, but it is just a show that needs your undivided attention. 

You (2018-Present)

Quite twisted and grueling, “You” is not exactly what you’d expect it to be when you first start watching; however, the show does unwind very quickly. This is one of Netflix’s original series and it is clear that it has been a success, with only ten episodes the show has 93% rotten tomatoes. The psychological thriller is devoted to showing Joe’s extreme obsession with Beck, and aspiring writer. To feed his toxic obsession, he uses social media and other technology to track her presence and remove obstacles to their romance. The intensity of the show only grows as the tenth episode approaches and then suddenly it’s over. I’m just kidding, Netflix is set to release the second season on December 26th, so stay tuned!

Money Heist (2017-Present)

“Money Heist” is a suspense-filled masterpiece! I have never ever watched a show put together so excellently. The cast, the storyline, the fact that it is originally in Spanish and set in Spain–it’s all mind captivating. Following the death of his father, “the professor” plans to pull off the biggest heist in recorded history: to print billions of euros in the Royal Mint of Spain. To help him carry out the ambitious plan, he recruits eight people with certain abilities and who have nothing to lose. It seems as if for every possible action and reaction, “the professor” has a plan in place so that nothing goes wrong. There is no way to explain how mind-blowing the show is without revealing details that you’d rather know from watching the show. As of now, the show has two parts with the third coming soon, and the fan base only seems to grow! 


Netflix has had many hit series and well-known shows, some aren’t even on there anymore, but these are some of the best quality ones that need to be checked out. Combined, they will most likely make you feel every emotion known to mankind and that in itself is such a gift. The talent and dedication that these shows are made with shines through without a doubt.