Opinion: Donda vs. Certified Lover Boy

(Drake’s vs Kanye’s new album)

(Drake’s vs Kanye’s new album)

Mikayla Turner, Opinion Reporter

Drake’s new album vs Kanye West’s new album 

After playing Drake’s album three times and listening to Kanye’s album, Donda, a couple times, I have to say that Kanye did that but Drake had more to give.  

Drake’s album “Certified Lover Boy” made history by having almost all of the songs from  “Certified Lover Boy” made it in Top Hot 100, which Drake has gotten many songs on the top 100, but this time he had almost all of his songs on the list. 

(Drake’s album “Certified Lover boy” is taking over the Hot 100 list, starting the list off with his new songs, Screen shot by Mikayla Turner)

Drake’s album had a variety of different genres, while still putting his own style on it. Some of the songs give a nostalgic feeling, back to a younger and simpler Drake.. And now there’s some new songs that bring back the same feeling. 

West’s Album “Donda” made number one on the charts with a big opening, but Drake changed that when he dropped his album. The only song that u can find on The Hot 100 is his song “Hurricane”.

The album is named after his mother ‘Donda West’. His newest release was made to honor her after her passing. But it wasn’t clear that his album was for or about his mother. Donda has a very dramatic and unique style, and makes people step out of their comfort zone. 

Senior Sy’raia Edward Cauley says “I listened to Drake’s [new album] and I hear Kanye’s was trash [and that] there were only a few good songs but I listened to Drake’s album and have a couple favorites, so I’d say Drake did it better and because there’s less controversy around his album.” 

Kanye West had caused some controversy before releasing his new album. He had gone through a divorce with model Kim Kardashian, his battles with mental issues and more than the eye can see. The songs on the album are mainly along the lines of God, family, and his marriage, which would’ve been good topics to talk about but it was delivered in a bad way. Some of the songs ended up being really repetitive like “new again”, but the beginning is cute. 

Kanye definitely  did a good job on his album. There are some good songs that some people might like, but Drake made more people excited for his new songs and there’s more potential to find new favorite songs. 

Drake’s new songs talk about a better life and that people should value their self worth in a society so cold,  which is very relatable. Drake’s new album had more songs that people can bump to and relate to other than kanye who had too much going on.

The consensus appears to be in Drake’s favor with students like junior Eric Ahlenius saying “I think that Drake’s album was better in the aspect of the messages behind the songs and the all around feel of it.” 

(After scrolling down a little more on The Hot 100 you can find one of Kanye’s songs under all of drakes, Screen shot taken by Mikayla Turner)

Music is very influential; it all depends who sings the song, how it is delivered and what they are saying. With Kanye’s past and the music he’s making makes it a little more controversial and pushes people away from his music which may also have a part on why Drake’s album got more publicity. 

Overall, both albums were good, but Drake definitely takes the win with this one. Maybe the next album Kanye puts out will do better.  Also, he might have a better chance if he puts out an album when no other artist is putting out new music.