Free Throws Doom: Upset Bid


Basketball going through the hoop Photo: Avery Salas

Avery Salas, Editor-In-Chief

During the season opener, all eyes were on the Raider boys with a packed rival side for Thunder Ridge, making for a hostile environment. Leading into the game, varsity returner Demarco Duncan had a high fever but pushed through, with the team shaking off those preseason jitters. Senior Khiem Davison said, “Sometimes you just have to overcome that and just play basketball. ” The first quarter ended with the Raiders down by 7, with a score of 11-18, most of the points given by free throws. This was a repeating struggle throughout the whole game for the Raiders, with 13 missed free throws that could have won them the game. After the half, Thunder Ridge started with the ball with a 6 point lead, 22-28. The Raiders gave up more than 5 free throws in this half but with Kenny Black-Knox (#4) making plays and putting points on the board, with the majority of his success coming in 3 pointers. Knox was awarded player of the game, with a high chance of seeing even more improvement in his game. As the Raiders continue their season, they will compete against Smoky Hill on Saturday, December 3, this being their first home game.