Ready, set, hut!


Tahir Springs, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Izzy Honey – Senior Josiah Allen-Clark celebrates with a coach after making a play during practice. The season kicks off tonight, with the team’s first game at Doherty High School.

After putting in countless hours of hard work in the hot sun this summer, the time that the Rangeview Raiders football team has been waiting for is here. After a 3-7 overall record from last year in their new league, they have been practicing to start a more competitive season.

Although many players would agree that this might sound like high expectations, the team feels prepared for the new season and believes they’ve made the right moves to bounce back from last year.  

When starting quarterback Jaelin Odegard was asked about just how much he thinks his team is prepared for the new season, he said, “I feel we can have a really successful season as long as we trust the process and the guys we play with.”

Even though Odegard believes they can have a successful season, he’s still aware of the things they need to improve on.

Senior captain Jaelin Odegard looks to complete pass during practice. Odegard is returning as a starting quarterback, hoping to improve their record from last year to make playoffs. (Izzy Honey)

He explains saying, “We do a good job making plays and fighting until the end, but we still have to improve on blocking, timing, and composure.”

Starting running back David Aggrey also has high expectations for the season.

He said, “My hopes are to win nine games or more, get into the playoffs, and win the state championship.”  

This new season will also begin with a new head coach who believes he can make a positive change from the type of season the Raiders had last year.

Head coach Brandon Alconel says, “ I think I will bring a new energy because when someone’s new, kids always gravitate to the newness.”

He also explains how his style of coaching can help bring change saying, “My style of doing things is positive and up tempo and kids are adapting to that.”

The season opener will begin with an away game against the Doherty Spartans. Last year, the Raiders lost to the Spartans 46-27 in the season opener.  

They will square off at 7:30 p.m. tonight, September 1st, at Doherty High School.

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