How to stay warm and still look chic this winter


Jessica Rangel, Review Staff

Feature photo by: Jessica Rangel- Senior Showiet Perry shows off her outfit, preparing her for the icy air that winter brings. Perry pairs her turtle neck and tee with a teddy coat from H&M.

As the winter season approaches, it soon comes time to start bundling up for the harsh weather. Many would agree that trying to look cute and stay warm is almost impossible.

“I never know what to wear during winter especially when I want to dress up,” senior Showiet Perry said.  “It’s either I look good and I’m freezing or I’m trying to stay warm with sweatpants and a hoodie.”

Here is a guide on how to stay warm while still looking fashionable:

  • A Pop of Color

While it is important to have basics in a wardrobe, try investing in thick coats that aren’t the same neutral black, beige or gray. Having a variety of colors helps play around with different styles while not trying very hard. If a jacket seems too overwhelming, small accessories in daring patterns and colors, such as scarves, beanies and, gloves, can even help an outfit stand out.

“Wearing really colorful scarves and socks are my go-to during the winter,” says Andrea Gomez, a senior at Rangeview.

  • Choose the Right Materials

Some of the warmest materials include wool, cashmere, corduroy, and even tweed. Unfortunately, many of these fabrics can be set at high prices points being such good quality. Here is a faux suede jacket with wool lining that is only one of the types of coats to wear that isn’t too pricey. Another way to find some warm materials without having to break the bank is heading to the nearest thrift stores, which are full of winter jackets that are back on trend.

  • Layer! Layer! Layer!

    Perry uncovers layers underneath her thick coat and jeans revealing a turtleneck and black tights. “You wouldn’t think tights would help much but they make all the difference when I go out on cold nights.” Perry states. (Jessica Rangel)

This is easier said than done, but an example would be to find a plain turtleneck long sleeve or thermal long sleeve that can go under any big chunky sweaters. Don’t be afraid to layer bigger coats underneath lighter jackets. In such cold weather, make sure to keep a pair of tights on hand to wear underneath any pants for an extra layer of warmth and even double up on socks to prevent cold toes.

  • Swap Out the Sneakers

This season, swap regular sneakers with a pair of warm boots. Combat boots, thigh high boots, and fur-lined booties stomp out the cold and can make an outfit look put together. Wearing thigh highs especially work when wearing a skirt or dress in the winter, while still achieving warm legs. Here is another opportunity to bring in diversity into an outfit by having different styled boots for different nights. There are plenty of boots for sale that are just as comfortable as any sneaker for around the same price. Click here for a pair of inexpensive boots to wear this season.

  • Key to Staying Warm

Lastly, to guarantee warmth, always make sure to cover up your head, ears, butt, hands, and feet. Warmth can escape from all of these places easily and without them covered, it is guaranteed to feel the freezing temperatures. Longline coats can prevent a cold butt. Once again, accessories such as beanies, gloves and, scarves avert the frigid air.

“Since my hair isn’t long enough to keep my head warm I love throwing on beanies when I go out in such cold weather,” states senior Danyion Reagan.

As the bleak temperatures get closer, don’t hesitate to prepare to stay warm while still looking stylish this winter.