Unified stardom


Feature Photo By: Oscar Perez – The Rangeview Unified Soccer Team takes a team photo. The team’s final game of their season was held at the Dicks Sporting Good Stadium against Real Salt Lake.

By: Brian Vasquez & Oscar Perez, Review Staff

On Saturday August 25, Rangeview’s Unified Soccer Team made an appearance on the big stage playing alongside the Colorado Rapids at their home stadium. Rangeview managed to find its rhythm and come out victorious by beating Real Salt Lake 3-1, leaving the fans impressed.

“It was fun meeting the players and everyone,” said Rangeview Unified soccer player Senior Amana Hamid, “[everyone] got together and played as a team.”                                                                                             

The Unified Team making an offensive attack. The unified team won against Real Salt Lake. (Brian Vasquez)

Everyone had the opportunity to get the ball and make plays throughout the game. It was a unique and special night for everyone who was in attendance, from family and friends to fans in the stadium who all cheered on the team.                                                         

Not only was there support from the fans and family, but the Colorado Rapids players even had some positive words for them. “It means a lot towards these players to come out and see them enjoy themselves,” said Rapids Midfielder Jack Price. “It’s good for them, they get to play in the stadium in front of their fans and families. It’s a big stage for them.”

Many would say that they made their families proud but Coach Warner was the proudest out of everyone on the team. She shared with us, “It was a really good day for them, the Rapids did an amazing job giving them a professional experience, showing them on the big screen, and brightening their night.”