Rashid reaches for success


Jeffrey Afriyie, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Jeffrey Afriyie – Rashid Seidu-Aroza receives a pass from his teammate. Many say he works well with his team and has a lot of team chemistry. 

After what many people say was a successful season last year, people are wondering how junior Rashid Seidu-Aroza will perform this year. Rashid scored the second most goals on the team with 17, just 5 goals away from senior Alexis Flores last season.

Rashid celebrates after he scores a goal. He has scored the second most goals on the team. (Jeffrey Afriyie)

During their first game against Grandview, Rashid scored the first and only goal for Rangeview.

When Rangeview soccer fan and sophomore Jazmin Arellano Macias was asked about what she thinks of Rashid’s performance last year and during the first game, she said, “It was great watching him play, I hope to see more from him this year.”

Rashid has support not only from the fans, but from his own teammates. His teammates and coaching staff believe that he plays good when his other teammates play good.

“I think Rashid is a good teammate,” senior teammate Adewale Solanke stated. “He’s even better when the whole team performs, because it’s all about team chemistry.”

Rashid has a lot of  expectations from himself and his teammates this season, and many people are watching to see more improvements from Rashid and the soccer team. Some of the staff say there is a lot of pressure on the team as their goals and expectations are to win the league championship and make it far in state.

“I’m confident because the teamwork and chemistry is growing greater with each practice that we have,” Rashid said. “Chemistry is a key part in the team’s success.”

Rashid has scored most of the goals for the soccer team this season with 20 goals, which is half of what he scored for last season. The soccer team’s record is 6-3 and some say they are working hard to have a great rest of the season.