Caleb Urban — livin’ life like an angel


Salmata Soulemane, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Renee Tracy – Caleb Urban is currently playing singles on the varsity team. On September 6, 2018 the Raiders had gone up against the Littleton Lions.

Caleb Urban — sophomore, tennis player, and a highly devoted Christian — is beginning to settle his roots back into high school. Urban is not a beginner in the tennis world; he has played tennis for 4 years in a league.

“[Urban] is good at tennis,” sophomore and tennis fan Dallon DeLoach said.

Other players have also said that Caleb Urban is a talented player. Boys varsity tennis coach Nathan Trautenberg said, “He’s very consistent-very disciplined player.”

Urban is said to have been taking a grand leadership role. Coach Trautenberg elaborated on the fact that as a sophomore, Urban is aspiring to be “the number one singles player,” while also helping out his fellow players.

He himself says, “I have played I think eight matches so far and I am doing good. I am facing really talented tennis players on other teams which is a challenge, but God helps me persevere, never give up, and hold my temper.”

Caleb Urban appears as a quiet and low-key person, and his appearance matches his personality. However, some say you don’t really know him as a person until you have a conversation with him. He is a very spirited and religious individual.

Caleb Urban (posed) was dismissed from his fourth period Spanish 2 class, and is on his way to lunch. Urban continues to build his character day-by-day by having faith. (Salmata Soulemane)

“Tennis is really fun and a great sport. I love playing tennis because God gave me the gift of playing well at it and I like to use the gift He gave me,” Urban also says, “also I like the competitiveness, as well as playing sports with my friends.”

The Raiders are soon closing the season with an overall standing of 2-9. Even when the competition gets the best of him and his team, Urban doesn’t lose sight of what is most important to him: God.

“I want to give God the glory for all my losses and wins because He is the one who brought me here and He deserves the glory,” Urban said.

Like many student athletes, in order to play his sport, school comes first.  Nevertheless, as any student–regardless of participating in an extracurricular activity– school work can overwhelming for Urban and his busy schedule.

Urban says, “School is tough when I have tennis because of practices and meets.” He continues by saying, “when I have tennis meets, I make sure I get most of my homework done in the off period.”

The tennis player is able to grow as a student athlete and never lose sight to what is important because of his strong faith and wisdom.

“God truly gives me wisdom with school and helps me understand things,” he said.

Caleb Urban and the rest of the boys varsity tennis team’s season is almost over. Regionals start today, Wednesday October 3, 2018, at Fairview high school.