Annual academic lettering ceremony honors RHS students


Caroline Smith, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Caroline Smith – Students from the sophomore class get called up one by one to receive their academic letter. 

Most students in school want to achieve incredible things throughout their high school career, such as getting a high GPA and good grades. Passing more difficult classes like advanced placement (AP) and honors classes could help students achieve a high GPA.

Students at Rangeview that did well in academics throughout their 2017-2018 school year were rewarded at the academic lettering ceremony on Thursday, September 27th.

Rangeview’s secretary and office manager, Anne Wolfe, states, “To get an academic letter, students have to have an average of no lower than a 3.66 grade point average, unweighted, the entire year prior.”

In order to letter, this grade point average has to be achieved through regular and weighted classes. In weighted classes, the grading scale is five points instead of the four-point scale that is used in regular level classes.

A senior who lettered, Andrew Coleman, says, “I believe that being well educated helps people become well versed and prepared for life, as well as, obviously aiding in college admittance and job applications.”

Many say that taking school seriously can be vital for a person’s future. Good grades help students get into more prestigious colleges, which ultimately helps obtain a stable job as an adult.

Pictured above is the letter that students receive when they exceed in academics or athletics. Many students put this letter on their letterman jackets (Caroline Smith).

Over 500 students at Rangeview were invited to the academic lettering ceremony. Here are the statistics for each class:

“Out of 521 seniors, 168 of them lettered. Out of 545 juniors, 193 lettered and out of 510 sophomores,142 of them lettered,” said Brook Knower, the counseling office secretary.  

The lettering ceremony may have highlighted the academic aspect of students’ achievements, but it also acknowledged students accomplishments in sports. Athletic ceremonies can play a part to help balance your high school career.

Wolfe also said, “I think that it is very important to have a very balanced high school career. You should push yourself and challenge yourself in academic areas, but also balance it with extracurricular activities.”

The ceremony gives the students and their family a chance to understand how difficult it can be to achieve great goals.

Sophomore Nathan Wetzel said, “I feel great about lettering. It feels like an honor.” He hopes to continue achieving greatness throughout his high school career by getting all A’s and B’s.

Although everyone has different goals when it comes to academics, people can have similar desires.

They aspire to be great, successful and overcome all obstacles on the road to triumph. People have dreams and things that must be achieved — that’s why goals may differ between every student, but in the end, students can become capable of anything that their minds are set to.