Happy Valentine’s Day


Davina Schmitz and Rachel Adkins enjoying Valentine’s Day (Alivia Lee)

Michael Cordova, Op-Ed Editor

Everyone knows it’s there, and as far as I can tell, most people dread the day of February 14th. There are a million different reasons from “I don’t need to be reminded that I’m lonely” or “It’s over commercialized.” Our lives are completely centered on love and finding a partner to go through life with whether they be permanent or not. This is the one day is set out to be all about caring for anyone and everyone, like spreading cheer on Christmas or playful fear on Halloween, yet people are constantly bashing it for simply existing.

Davina Schmitz and Rachel Adkins enjoying Valentine's Day (Alivia Lee)
Davina Schmitz and Rachel Adkins enjoying Valentine’s Day (Alivia Lee)

By far the largest complaint seen around this time of year is that people are lonely and don’t need to see other happy people just to remind themselves. As many different ways that could be called selfish, we can move from simple disagreement to a solution.

This isn’t a simple thing to do, but if complaining about being lonely is the only thing you plan on doing this weekend, then I think you might have some time to try new things. See, instead of just sitting in your room thinking about how much life sucks, put yourself out there. Go to King Soopers and buy a bouquet of flowers. Hand them out to anyone you see on Saturday, and give them a simple compliment. If random acts of kindness aren’t your thing, why not just ask a random girl/guy to dinner? Honestly, if they are someone you don’t know, then there is no pressure or worries. That one person that wishes to take a chance could be the start of something fun and long lasting.

Perhaps you aren’t lonely but are rather poor or unwilling to give into the commercialism of the day. Well, you are right. No one wants a box of chocolates just because the calendar told you it was a smart idea to get one. The day is for caring for someone; the same (or even more) feeling of love that comes from going to a fancy dinner or buying bright pink balloons can be delivered with a hand written card, takeout, and a movie on the couch. Do things from your heart, not because it’s the 14th.

This holiday doesn’t have to be about being lonely or even specifically in love with a partner. Valentine’s Day is my personal favorite holiday not because of hopeless romanticism but because it’s a day that we can all care for one another and appreciate everyone we’ve had the pleasure to meet in our lives.