Bri is ballin’ once again


Cade Palmer, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Salmata Soulemane – Sophomore Brianna Linear (#2) gets ready to go up for a rebound. 

Brianna (Bri) Linnear is a sophomore basketball player at Rangeview High School. Many consider her a young leader in the making already as a sophomore. She was a starter last season and is returning as a starter again this season. Last season, she averaged 7.1 points per game and 1.5 steals per game as a freshman.

The Rangeview girls started off this season with a tournament on November 28th; they lost their first game of the season to Pueblo South 66-49. However, the team was able to bounce back from the loss and won three games after against Grand Junction Central on November 30th with a score of 61-33, Palmer High School on December 1st with a score of 54-49, and their first league game against Prairie View on December 4th with a final score of 73-47.

Many people hope to see the team to  continue their win streak.

“I want to become more of a point guard and learn to be more of a leader.” Bri said regarding her goals for this season, “I also want to be able to score when I need to.”

Brianna attempts a free throw during the Red vs. White scrimmage at the beginning of the season. (Cade Palmer)

Freshman varsity player Grace Solarin was asked about the leadership and all-around basketball skills of Bri. Solarin said, “Bri is always there to bring us up during a game. If anyone is doing badly she’s never quick to let you get down on yourself.”

Solarin describes Bri, “… as a great player. You can tell she has a lot of passion for the game and it shows in the way she plays.”

Senior, varsity player Angel Broadus, had some thoughts about Bri and how she’s been doing both as a leader and player:

 “Ever since last year, she’s stepped up her game to be an actual leader and makes sure everything is running properly.” Broadus continued, “she brings her ability to drive and shoot to add onto the scoring game.”

The season is just getting started. Rangeview plays their fifth game of the season this Tuesday, December 11th at Brighton. As the season moves forward, many expect Bri to continue being a leader and to continue improving as a player as well.

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