Opinion: College is worth it


Rediet Ayanaw, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Rediet Ayanaw – Sophomore Samrawit Kopessa opens up Naviance. “ I am definitely looking forward to college,” says Samrawit, “I think college is a good experience. Sites like Naviance helps students find out what they want to do in the future and what colleges to go to. 

College is worth it. It is worth the experience, even if it is expensive. College not only allows students to explore their interested careers under a school setting, but it also provides opportunities like jobs, networking experience, internships, and even traveling (studying abroad). This experience allows students to dive into a new type of diversity with having the chance to meet different people with different cultures, allowing them to see the world in a different view.

Though it does cost money to get into college, it is worth it in the future because with a good career you make the money that you lost and make way more money with the degree. The average college graduate makes $570,000 more in a span of a lifetime than the average high school graduate in the same span of a lifetime. With that much money, you could do more than pay back your loans.

The argument of not going to college or dropping out of college and still having the ability to make a lot of money and become rich such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, is fabricated. Not everyone that dropped out of college is Steve Jobs — some are at that level but the majority are not, so it would be a reach to always put this argument out when the minority is not the majority. There is a higher percentage of becoming rich if you do go to college, so why not take the safe route?

There is also a great amount of freedom granted in college. In high school, you go through a seven to eight hour school day – maybe including some offs, but regardless, a lot of schooling with homework to match. You’re also expected to have a lot responsibilities without much time or flexibility. However, in college, you’re in control of your own time and can be flexible because you have your own schedule.

The idea of going to college and having all these opportunities alone should be enough to go.

The SAT prep tests happen a few times a year from 9th through the 11th grade. These tests are meant to help students score good on the SAT — a test that often determines if you can/can’t go to a specific college. Go here to look at some more SAT practice sets. (Rediet Ayanaw)

In addition to this, going to college has now become the societal norm and is more of an expectation in society. In high school, this is heavily promoted through announcements with school related programs — such as College Track — that provide free trips to colleges, scholarships, financial aid, and other benefits for students who are planning on going to college.  

“Make sure you get good grades for college,” said freshman Betelihem Negash. “I think at this point, that’s just something that’s seen as a requirement in society.”

The reason college is so marketed in society is because generally, parents equate going to college with having a good life. After all, college is associated with happiness, being well off, and having an overall easier life because of the job.

“I think a good college requires a whole bunch of diversity and a lot of community or activity things that fit to one’s needs,” said senior Jordan Alvaranga.

College allows personal experience with new cultures, new people, and a new chance of looking at life differently.

No matter what you’re into or what your personality is like, there is always a group just for you. Chances are in a school full of thousands of people, there is certainly something there for you.

“College provides opportunities for students to grow intellectually, socially, and economically,” said biology teacher Mr. Russell.

So not only does it make you more money, but it also helps you become a reliable good citizen. Even though the college experience is different and a medical major student may not be able to completely relate to an arts student, the overall communication skills and good thinking skills are a common plus of college.

Investing some time and money into a career that will prolong into a financially better, and experienced future, would be a smart choice. College is definitely the place to go for that exact desire.