The Raiders Visit the Buffs


Feature photo by Shauna Meyer: A group photo of a handful of students at Farrand Field during the CU Boulder college visit.

Brian Vasquez, Review Staff

On Wednesday September 18, a select few of Rangeview seniors took a visit to CU Boulder (this being one of many trips throughout the school year) to get a taste of college life and to understand that campus a little more for people who have an eye on that university. 

This trip was organized by Shauna Meyer who is in her first year of running the College and Career Center who was confident with the trip. “For my first time going with a group of students, I feel it went well,” she stated. “Hearing all the side talk of them talking about the campus was really fun.” Though the trip was successful all around she viewed there were areas to touch up on. She said, “I would like to have name tags for future trips so the kids I take will be easily identified.”

The Ralphie statue next to the football stadium, The horns are gold due to being rubbed off as a form of goodluck.

Many students were also impressed with the campus with slight exceptions. “I really liked the campus and the energy all around. The only issue with me was [CU Boulder] not having the major that I want to study,” said senior Marwa Ait-Chafi. She wasn’t the only student that experienced this while on the trip; many other careers that students wanted to study were not available.

Other than a career pathway not being included, another struggle faced was expenses when asked about the trip senior Gisselle Gonzales says, “CU Boulder is really nice; I loved some of the features they had, but it is way too expensive for me.”

All around, the trip was a learning experience to say the least. There are many more trips to come like DU and MSU with further announcements to be brought by Ms. Meyer.